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How to Play and Solitaire Set Up on the Table?

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How to Play and Solitaire Set Up on the Table-Gamesbing

Solitaire is a card game that has been played since ancient civilizations. Solitaire set up is a major thing, can be used to differentiate between a player and a new player. To some, it’s a gambling game while others just play it for fun. The players who have basic knowledge of card games can play this game easily.

There are various variants of this game like Spider Solitaire, Klondike, Crescent Solitaire, Vegas Solitaire, and numerous others. These variations have been added to the game over time when players started to explore new ways to play cards. Whenever one form of playing cards became boring, another variation appeared among the players. 

The most basic one is Klondike, while the others vary in difficulty and playing style. Several key phrases, particular terms, and variations in the classical Solitaire Set Up set up will be discussed in this article. The beginner’s guide for setting up the table and step-by-step formation guidance will be given to the player in this article. 

Key Terms in Solitaire Games

Few terms have the same anecdotal meanings in all variations of Solitaire. 



Tableau is the specific setting of the game and could be different for the Solitaire variants being played. Tableau is extracted from a Chinese word meaning table. A 52 standard cards deck is required to play all card games. In some variants, Joker is kept aside. However, Klondike requires the player to set the tableau in a formation of seven columns. 


Stockpile is the set of cards that are stored in a stack or pile at the side in the tableau. While playing the game, the topmost card is played from it. Only one card can be played at a time in most of the card games. All the cards can be played later in Solitaire. 

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Talon Pile or Waste Pile

Talon or waste pile is a place usually on the left side of the tableau, where unusable cards can be positioned. If one takes a card from the stockpile, however, there’s no place to move it. Then, that card is placed in a talon pile. Talon pile cards can be utilized when necessary. 

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Foundation Pile 

In Klondike, the foundation pile plays a significant role. The foundation pile holds cards in order from aces to kings (ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, jack, queen, and king). When all types of card families (spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts) are placed in their order in the four foundation piles, the game ends. This applies to physical as well as online games. 

How to Set Up Solitaire?

Beginner players might find it hard to do Solitaire set up on the table. However, playing Klondike is not as hard as it seems. One just needs to follow the following instructions;

Step 1 for Solitaire Set Up

  • Shuffle the cards properly. 
  • After shuffling the cards, place seven cards on the table in a row. 
  • The first card placed on the table should be facing upward. Whereas, the other cards must be filled downwards. So the player can’t glimpse the numbers on them. This is the basic formation of the tableau for Klondike.  

Step 2; Setting Up the Tableau

  • Now, place six cards on the already laid row of cards. However, the first upside-flipped card will remain idle in its place. 
  • The six cards will be placed on the cards flipped upside down. 
  • Later, five cards will be placed on the remaining downside cards in the same manner. 
  • Likewise, 4, 3, and cards will be placed simultaneously. 

Step 3; Placing the Finish Card on the Solitaire Set Up

  • The cards in seven columns will have cards in the order of one in the first column, two in the second column, three in the third column, four in the fourth column, five in the fifth column, six in the sixth column, and seven in the seventh column. 
  • The final card will be placed in an upward position on the seventh column. 
  • The top card on each column must be facing upwards. 

Step 4; Placing Stockpile and Foundation Piles in the Tableau

  • The stockpile containing the remaining 24 cards will be positioned on the upper right corner of the table or screen. Online games and table games have similar Solitaire set up. Hence, one doesn’t need anything additional for both modes. 
  • Stockpile functions as a stack of additional cards to deal with the right moves. 
  • Whereas, the foundation pile is placed on the upper right side of the tableau. 
  • The foundation piles contain the cards of each red family (diamonds and hearts) and black family (clubs and spades) in an orderly fashion in the four empty spaces. 
  • When foundation piles get filled, the game ends. 

Step 5; Waste Piles Location in Klondike 

  • The waste pile or talon pile is stationed on the left side of the tableau. 
  • Unplayable cards can be placed in the waste pile. 
  • Whenever it’s necessary, one can deal with the cards from the waste pile. 

How to Play Classical Solitaire?

Playing Klondike is a thrilling experience. Moreover, it’s a straightforward game with easy instructions for playing the moves. First, observe, then deal with the cards. Follow these tricks to play the game after Solitaire is set up on the table;

  • Observe the numbers on the topmost cards. If there is any playable move, deal with the cards. It means that cards should be moved to families in an order. For example, move spades 6 to spades 7, or hearts 5 to hearts 3 or hearts 4. 
  • Now take a card from the stockpile and move it to an appropriate place.
  • If you spot an ace, move it to the foundation pile. 
  • If there are no more moves to play from the stockpile, move certain cards to the waste pile to create opportunities. 
  • Collect cards in order from aces to kings and place them on the foundation pile. 
  • After all foundation piles are filled, the player wins the game. 

If one finds some difficulty in dealing cards, they can consult Google or a professional Solitaire player on discussion forums. In contrast to that, one can also restart the game. If there is any dilemma you find in how to play and Solitaire set up in the table, ask away in the comments. 

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