Donkey Kong 64 Switch: Description, Gameplay, Characters, & Final Stage

Donkey Kong 64 Switch: Description, Gameplay, Characters, & Final Stage

Looking for the best Donkey Kong to make your time worthwhile? Donkey Kong 64 Switch has been released which is the reboot of 90s Donkey Kong 64 which was a classic hit. But this newer version comes with an improved storyline, better graphics, and remastered game controls and gameplay.

Donkey Kong 64 was one of the most widely sold and played games in the last 3 decades but after approx. 24 years this updated version of Donkey Kong has made its return in the Switch, which comes with exciting HD Rumble and portability.  

If you are looking for a thrilling Donkey Kong game, this Donkey Kong 64 switch will instantly have your heart with its description, gameplay, story plot, and characters, which we will discuss here in detail. 

What Is Donkey Kong 64 Switch?

Fan of action-packed thrilling Donkey Kong games? This adventurous and improved version of Donkey Kong 64 will be your ultimate destination with its all-time better graphics which are accompanied by exciting visuals and soundtrack. The storyline has been altered like in the older version, Tiny Kong, Chunky Kong, and Lanky Kong were presenting the storyline, but in Donkey Kong 64 Switch.

These three characters have been kidnapped and kept hostage along with Kiddy Kong and Dixie Kong. In this switch version, Donkey Kong, Cranky Kong, and Diddy Kong lead the game with their accompanying character Funky Kong who helps greatly in carrying out the game. 

If you want to enjoy free games of Donkey Kong and don’t want to pay high prices? This service of playing on Switch will be heaven for you. The subscription is available at $3.9 which is nothing in comparison to the fun these games bring. Are you fascinated with this newer version? Do you think it will take your experience to new heights?

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Gameplay of Donkey Kong 64 Switch

Want to master its gameplay? It may sound familiar to you if you have spent countless hours playing Super Mario games. In this 3d version of the adventurous game, four playable characters will be available to you to use with some fantastic levels that sound unusually similar to Super Mario 64. 

Is it different than Donkey Kong 64? Yes, it’s way different as you will get three characters throughout the game i.e., Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and Cranky while Funky Kong is only available in easy mode to guide you through. Your goal is to hoard all the collectibles out there along with golden bananas.

You can switch your characters whenever you want in Donkey Kong 64 Switch as the limitation like tag barrels which slowed down the movement in the previous game is removed in this update which allows you to easily navigate to the switch menu and you can choose your desired character. 

Which updates you can enjoy in this newer version? You can use and reload weapons of your choice which are bonuses to target your opponents and villains in the game, hit several switches within the game, and many other features.

As you have gotten Funky Kong in this updated version, these powerups are available in crates, you don’t have to buy them. Whenever a Kong approaches a wrinkly door in this game, Wrinkly Kong welcomes the respective Kongs and guides him to find the treasured golden banana hidden in his vicinity. 

The doors are color-coded, and each Kong has its specific door. Donkey Kong has a yellow door, Funky Kong has sky blue, Diddy Kong has a red one, and Cranky Kong is grey. 

How did you find this gameplay? Is it easier than the last version? Is there anything that you particularly like in this game? 

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Characters Featured in Donkey Kong 64 Switch

Who are the lead characters in Donkey Kong 64 Switch? There are four notable ones that you already are aware of, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Cranky Kong, and Funky Kong.

All these characters have their specialties and capabilities which they brought to the game. You can switch to any of the characters during the game to start playing. So, here we go through the features or characteristics of donkey kong.

Donkey Kong: He’s one of the main leads, and most well-mannered ape in the series. He may not possess exceptional abilities to use strong work ethics in the Kremlings crushing business. He possesses coconut shotguns, which help in paralyzing bosses. 

Donkey Kong 64 Switch: Description, Gameplay, Characters, & Final Stage

Cranky Kong: This tough Kong has some amazing abilities. He seems old and possesses a cane but that only gives him an advantage. He can bounce around his acne jump. He can duck his enemies underwater by using his cane.

Diddy Kong: This Kong will seem familiar to you, as he has made his appearance in several past adventures of the Donkey Kong series. He got a jetpack which he can stay in midair but that does nothing to harm his enemies. But he has a peanut popgun which helps in defeating enemies by attacking and stunning them.  

Funky Kong: One of the most amazing characters who own a Funky’s Fly ‘n Buy shop, where you can weapons and powerups. He can pull several stunts such as hovering in midair, standing on spikes, double jumping, and underwater corkscrews without harming himself.

There are other supporting characters and animals who help greatly in guiding you through this gameplay. Do you have any particular favorite out of these four? 

End Stage of Donkey Kong 64 Switch

There is no particular end stage, the ridiculous stages of the Donkey Kong 64 switch are ongoing, where you obtain collectibles and fight against the bosses. 

The last stage is exactly the way it sounds, you have to take powerups, take matters into your own hands progress through the arcade game, and kill the bosses. The gameplay does not remain exciting throughout the end, and you will most probably get bored. In the end, once you have killed all the bosses, you can bury them and go on owning your banana farm and live happily ever after. 

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Concluding this fantastic version of Donkey Kong 64, which is available to play on Switch. It has an improved storyline with different and more exciting characters who possess unique abilities to help you greatly in progressing through the game.

Donkey, Diddy, and Cranky Kongs are regular characters while Funky Kong is available in easy and funky mode and can be a great asset. Your goal in the game is to obtain all the collectibles along with Golden bananas and make your way to the end by killing the bosses. 

The gameplay is quite basic, isn’t it? What do you think about all the key points about Donkey Kong 64 Switch mentioned over here? Let us know about your feedback. 


Will they make Donkey Kong 64 on switch?

This remake of the previous Donkey Kong 64 is available to play on Switch with its remodeled gameplay, graphics, and newly created storyline.

What consoles can you play Donkey Kong 64 on?

You can play this Retro-arcade game on Nintendo 64.

What are the next N64 games on Switch 2023?

In 2023, the added N64 games include Pokémon Stadium games, Mario Party 3, Excite Bike 64, and many others.

Why did Donkey Kong 64 need the expansion Pak?

According to the developer, the expansion Pak was utilized to facilitate a dynamic lighting system in the games. 

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