Top Most Obsessed Donkey Kong Characters You Should Be Aware Of!

Do you also get crazy for your favorite game characters? Here we have an interesting list of Donkey Kong characters. All of these have appeared as leading roles or supporting characters in the Donkey Kong series. All the DK characters possess unique abilities and support Donkey Kong in his adventures.

The game series has been developed by Nintendo and Rare and the developers introduce different characters in each installation. There are a total of 13 Kong characters featured in the Donkey Kong series who are residing on Donkey Kong Island. There are other human and animal characters as well just increasing the fun and making the gameplay interesting. 

In this article, we will discuss the role and characteristics of popular Donkey Kong characters who have been praised highly by the audience.

Popular Donkey Kong Characters

Which character do you think will top up the list? Let me give you a hint, the pioneer one who has an antagonistic personality in the beginning. But in the newer versions, he’s portrayed as a hero. The one and only Donkey Kong.

But now with many installments, there are other Kongs who have supported him throughout his adventures. The other Kongs are great allies beside him. Besides these, there are human characters who have kept the adventure ongoing. 

Kongs Featured in the Donkey Kong Series

Here we will discuss all the Kong characters who have been featured in the Donkey Kong series. All these characters have attributes that set them apart from each other. Few Kongs are dumb while few are witty as hell and have amazing abilities. 

1. Donkey Kong (Or Should We Call Him Cranky Kong?)

This character was developed by Miyamoto who named him Donkey Kong, the name means “Stubborn Large Ape”. The Donkey Kong featured in today’s games is the new character, who in real is the grandson of the original Donkey Kong.

The original one is currently called Cranky Kong, due to his old age and grumpy nature. He complains a lot and has a special grudge for the back-to-back installments which he believes have outcasted him.

He still appears in the newer version and in Donkey Kong 64, he distributed potions to junior fellow Kongs and has been a great help. But he never misses any opportunity to brag about him. 

He is not a particularly evil character, but his cranky nature makes him quite negative. The new Donkey Kong has a heroic personality and is well-liked among the audience. 

Which one do you like more? Cranky Kong or the Donkey Kong (new one). Well, the oldie Kong doesn’t seem bad to me. I believe the passing years have just made me savage.

2. Diddy Kong

Have you played any of the Donkey Kong games? Yes, then you must be well aware of this amazing character. He has stayed beside Donkey Kong in each phase and has been a great help. 

The developers originally thought to introduce him to a junior version of Donkey Kong (i.e., donkey Kong Jr.) but then they didn’t. It was a pretty good decision as his new face in Donkey Kong Country made him popular.

The players liked him because of his animal-attitude persona which was famous in the 90s. He has been featured in Mario games as well. He maintained his different personality by owning his own racing game.

Do you think introducing this new face was a good step Nintendo took?

3. Dixie Kong

Can we officially say this Donkey Kong character is the best one around there? Yes, definitely!  She has proven to be useful and in possession of unique capabilities. She can whip her opponents by using her ponytail. She was first featured in Donkey Kong Country 2 and then made several other appearances. She can use her ponytail to glide easily. 

She is downright the best character, but was she given that much credit? Unfortunately, not. She has been featured in several Donkey Kong platform games, but not in the Mario series. 

Do you think she should be featured in other games as well? 

4. Donkey Kong Jr.

There are many speculations about this character, that what became of him? Where did he come from? But sadly, Nintendo still hasn’t revealed either his past or future. Few say that he grew up to be Donkey Kong, or that he is the one who is the current Cranky Kong. But we are not sure about any of the assumptions. The developers have kept it a mystery. 

He first made his appearance in Mario Cart and played the main role not the supporting one. He showed unique abilities and is still memorable. 

5. Kiddy Kong

We are convinced that he’s the silliest Kong character in all the Donkey Kong characters. He’s abilities comprise his bulky physique and being a baby. He has been featured in Donkey Kong Country 3 where he pulled many stunts with Dixie Kong. Both have complementary abilities and help each other greatly.

He has brutal strength which helps him to break walls and barriers and throw Dixie to faraway places to get through the game. 

Top Most Obsessed Donkey Kong Characters You Should Be Aware Of!

Was he the useless one? No, not, he has been proved to be useful in the series.

6. Wrinkly Kong

After Dixie Kong, Wrinkly Kong is my favorite. Wondering why? Simply because of her kind nature and the bits of advice, she’s willing to give to all playable Kongs. She portrayed the role of Cranky Kong’s wife, but she has a completely different personality than her husband. Her husband is grumpy, but she has a nice motherly nature making her everyone’s favorite. 

Although she died in Donkey Kong Country 3, which was revealed in Donkey Kong 64 she still made appearances as a ghost and helped characters by giving hints and pieces of advice. 

Isn’t she just amazing?  Have you seen her playing, what do you think of her? 

7. Lanky Kong

The goofiest among all Kongs! Although he seems lame at some points, he has some fun abilities making him distinguished. He can beat his opponents with his long limbs. He can do inflation like a balloon. 

He can walk headstand and shows some goofy and fun moves. Although it makes him useless, in reality, he is one of the helpful Donkey Kong characters. 

8. Funky Kong

Well, you can’t deny that he is one of the fantastic Donkey Kong characters. He has been featured in many games and has been helpful. He has provided barrel planes, weaponry, and ammunition to playable characters in the series. 

He is considered the coolest one, do you agree? 

Humans Included in Donkey Kong Characters List

Several humans have been considered Donkey Kong characters and left their mark due to their incredible performance. These include:

1. Mario

Mario appeared as a villain in the earlier Donkey Kong version but later on in Mario vs Donkey Kong, his role was reversed and he became her who had to protect his mini toys from the evil Donkey Kong.

2. Pauline

She is the first lady who has made an appearance in the series that Donkey Kong has kidnapped. She is portrayed as a timid princess, whom Mario rescues. 


Concluding this list of popular Donkey Kong characters, who have shown unique abilities in the previous and ongoing Donkey Kong series. 8 Kong characters have been detailed with their strengths and possible flaws. Furthermore, you can learn about two human characters who have appeared in the spin-off series of Donkey Kong. 

There are some unique aspects which we have mentioned here, and tell me which one you loved the most. Let us know about your feedback in the comments. 


Who is Donkey Kong’s enemy?

One of the featured enemy characters in Donkey Kong is Krusha. He has a fun personality but plays the role of villain.

Who is the strongest Donkey Kong character?

Donkey Kong himself is the strongest one, but as he is the leader of all, he has greater strengths than all of them.

What is Kong’s weakness?

His main weakness is his thin skin. Enemies target his skin to do damage to his body. He has many scars from several fights. Sharp objects can easily pierce his skin. 

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