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Spider Solitaire 4 Suits- Gameplay, Rules & Handy Tips to Improve Odds Of Winning the Game

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Spider Solitaire 4 Suits- Gameplay, Rules & Handy Tips to Improve Odds Of Winning the Game

“An unfold topic on mastering the tips and tricks to Win Spider Solitaire 4 suits which is a pretty challenging game by learning its gameplay and rules here!”

Do you get thrilled by a challenge in the game? If yes, then Spider Solitaire 4 suits are for you as it is the modified and challenging version of typical solitaire games. The goal of the game is to move cards and stack them in descending order by keeping close notice of the card’s color. 

The graphics of the game are visually attractive and engaging for the players. Try to make four suits instead of 1 or two and make strategies out of the box to be the card game master in your friend group and around the gaming community. 

Here we will learn how to play and which rules and strategies to adopt to make maximum winnings. 


What Is ‘Spider Solitaire 4 Suits’?

What Is ‘Spider Solitaire 4 Suits’?

Spider Solitaire 4 suits are considered one of the most challenging and interesting versions of the Spider Solitaire game. The game got its popularity because it pushes its players to the limits to increase the chances of winning. You need to be patient, the best decision-maker, and a critical thinker to win the game, otherwise, it is very hard to win. You have to stack cards of all 4 suits from kings to Ace, and all in descending order. 

Although the game can be played online on any of the browsers without any hassle of downloading any software and consistent clashes, if you prefer an offline version, you can download it on either your PC or mobile devices. The game features remain the same in both online and offline versions. The game display is appealing to the eyes and is quite engaging for card game lovers. 

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The gameplay of Spider Solitaire 4 Suits

It is the same as playing other solitaire games, you have to move cards and make appropriate sequences from aces to kings in a certain order to win. 

You must begin by dragging cards from the column of tableau to the suits in descending order. If you drag 9 of Ace, then it must come under the 10 of either diamonds or hearts. 

After dragging one card, the card underneath can be flipped upside down and can be dragged to any suit. A player can drag the same suit’s group of cards to the same suit in descending order, otherwise, cards from only the bottom of the tableau can be moved. 

In case of no available card in the stockpile, you can move any card there but the condition is that they must be of the same suit and arranged in a descending pattern.

You can click on stockpile to reveal the bottom card but it can make your game challenging somehow if your sequencing of cards is poor. To win the game, you must make sequencing from Ace to Kings of all 4 suits, and at any point, if you get short of moves to play, you will automatically lose the game. So, think strategically and play with focus!

Rules To Play Spider Solitaire 4 Suits

Rules To Play Spider Solitaire 4 Suits

There are many rules that you can adopt to play this game effectively, but most of all is deep understanding and utmost concentration to master the game. A few of the widely adopted rules by experts are: 

  • The primary rule is the set-up of how cards are arranged at the beginning, there are a total of 104 cards in 52 card decks, with 10 columns containing 54 cards, with each of the columns comprised of either 4 or 5 cards. In the first 4 columns, there will be 6 cards and in the remaining ones, there will be 5 cards. 
  • Another rule is making proper sequences of cards of all 4 suits, all in descending order.
  • Cards of the same suit can be placed one after another in descending order, otherwise sequence will not be made.
  • You can place any random card in the column of tableau if the space is empty, and it will empty only then if the sequence of that column is already made and is removed from the displayed map.
  • You can win the games when all 104 cards are properly stacked and the map is empty, if you run out of moves and cards are still left to arrange, you lose all the odds of winning the game, and the game will end there. 
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Tips To Win Spider Solitaire 4 Suits

To increase the odds of winning Spider Solitaire 4 suits, you must follow certain tips that will come in handy in the long run, including:

  • You should make empty columns so that you get space where you can put your unmatched cards and make sequences by maneuvering them.
  • When you feel like you require additional cards from the stockpile, you must manage your sequences beforehand, so that it won’t create any issues in sequencing afterward and you increase the chances of winning.
  • You must give close attention to the cards that are revealed as it will allow you options to determine how they could be used to make the sequence of the certain suit you are focusing on.


You can take many advantages if you start playing this super-hard version of spider solitaire, including,

Improved Focus: Your focus increases as you keep track of all the cards displayed over the map and you must keenly monitor which card you can move to get close to making a sequence.

Critical Thinking: You critically determine which card to move from the column tableau, in turn polishing your strategic and mental abilities. 

Decision-making: People who feel difficulty in making prompt decisions get help by playing this game as this game requires an impromptu and better decision to win. 

Probability of Winning Spider Solitaire 4 Suits

The probability rate of winning spider solitaire 4 suits is just 6.2% by assessing all the previous winning records of this game, while spider solitaire 1 suit has the highest rate exceeding 50%, and spider solitaire 2 suits have approx. 16% which makes this version of the game harder to play. 

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Spider Solitaire 4 Suits is a card game that is designed challenging for the player who gets bored easily by typical card games. In the game, you have to make 4 suits by sequencing cards in descending order. The game allows certain strategies to win by revealing cards that are facedown allowing you the option to make the next moves and clear out space in the column of tableau to maneuvering cards by moving unnecessary cards there. The games improve player’s decision-making and cognitive abilities. There are pretty low odds of winning the game due to its challenging design. 

FAQs on Spider Solitaire 4 Suits

Can you win 4 Suit Spider Solitaire?

You can win the game if you play your cards strategically, but the chances of winning are quite low. 

What is the hardest spider solitaire game?

The hardest version of spider solitaire is 4 suits, which is played when you make four suits of cards in descending order.

What percentage of 4 suits spider solitaire games are winnable?

The probability rate of winning this game exceeds 50%, meaning there are pretty high chances of winning but the number of suits still determines your winnable ratio better. 

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