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How to set up Solitaire: Key Terms and Tips for Cards Players

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How to set up Solitaire: Key Terms and Tips for Cards Players-Gamesbing

Classic Solitaire is commonly known as Klondike Solitaire. People learning how to set up Solitaire in multiple variations must have basic knowledge about card games like their variations, catchphrases, and particular terms in the game. 

Solitaire has always been quite famous. Due to this, players who love playing the game have created various versions of it. Some are fun and easygoing while others are tough and complicated. The step-by-step guide to playing Klondike is given below which will be helpful to beginner players. 

Key Terms in Solitaire Games 


Tableau is a word of Chinese origin, meaning table. Hence, tableau denotes the game setup on the table of 52 deck standard cards in seven columns. 


Stockpile is the set of cards stacked aside after setting up the tableau on the table. The remaining cards in the stockpile can be utilized later in the game if needed. 


Talon pile

Talon pile is also known as waste pile as it consists of the cards that aren’t usable. The player first takes the cards from the stockpile but finds no moves to play with them. Hence, these cards are placed in a talon pile. One can use them from the pile whenever necessary. 

Foundation pile 

Foundation pile or family completion plays a significant role in the game. There are four designated places corresponding to four different types of cards (hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds). After moving cards from aces to kings in order (ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, jack, queen, and king) of a specific family, one wins the game when the foundation pile is completed. 

How to Set Up Solitaire? 

Learning how to set up solitaire cards isn’t an arduous task, just follow the steps to set up the tableau of Klondike;

Dealing Seven Cards in a Row 

Shuffle the 52 deck cards in your hand while playing solitaire physically and begin dealing cards. From left to right, on’s needs to deal seven cards in a row. The first one on the left side will be facing upward while the other will be facing downward. This is the basic tableau of classic solitaire. 

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Dealing Six More Cards on the Column 

The second step is similar to the first one, one just needs to deal with a few cards analogously. Deal six cards from left to right, starting from the second card on the left which is facing down to the end. The first card will be placed in an upward position while the others are in a downward position. 

Dealing Five More Cards 

Now, deal five more cards on the remaining rows with face-down cards. The method will be simple and identical to what you have done before. The first card will be face up while the others will be face down. Now, there will be three face-up cards on the table. 

Dealing Four More Cards

Deal four more cards from the fourth column to the seventh one. The card on the fourth column should be facing upward while the others must be upside down. Now, four cards will be facing upwards. 

Dealing Three More Cards 

There are three remaining columns with the downside cards, positioning a card on each of them. On the fifth column, place the card in the upside aspect while the downside positioning should be for the remaining ones. 

Dealing Two More Cards 

Deal two more cards on the two remaining columns with downside flipped cards. On the sixth column, the card will be placed in an upright manner while the final column will have a downward card. 

Dealing the Final More Card

There’s only one column that has no upside card, place your final card on that column. This will finish the tableau your basic tableau form. Remember that your cards should be in symmetrical order from one to seven on the table. 

How to set up Solitaire: Key Terms and Tips for Cards Players-Gamesbing

Place Stockpile above Tableau

Place the remaining 24 cards in a stack on the upper left side of the tableau. These cards are stored here and can be utilized whenever needed. One can use them to fill up their foundation pile in symmetrical order from ace to king. If there are no moves left to play from the stockpile, one may move it to the waste pile facing upwards. 

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Keep Room for Foundation Pile

In classic Solitaire, the foundation pile is located on the upper right side of the tableau. Two red (hearts and diamonds) and two black (clubs and spades) are placed in the foundation pile. After one completes the foundation piles completely, the person wins. 

This is all one needs to know about how to set up Solitaire. Thereupon, one needs to know how to play it. 

How to Play Classic Solitaire?

Playing Klondike is as easy as learning how to set up a Solitaire game. One needs to do the following things to successfully win the game. 

  • First obverse all the cards that can be observed (the ones that are placed upwards). If there is any card that can be moved, move it to the required place. For example, there are spades 6 and spades 7 on the row in Tableau. Move Spades 6 to Spades 7. The place where Spades 6 was positioned, now the topmost card will be flipped upward. 
  • One can also flip the topmost card from the stockpile and move it towards the cards that come before or after in order. 
  • If one recognizes an ace, it must be moved to the foundation pile and other cards should be placed on it symmetrically. 

This would continue until the game ended. Hence, the purpose is to stack cards in foundation piles. If there’s any confusion in this article about how to set up Solitaire, discuss it in the comments.  

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