How To Play Spider Solitaire? General Rules and Expert Tips

“Learn the rules of how to play spider solitaire and what expert tips and tricks to make the best of the game.”

Ready to master the solitaire game? Here we will learn how to play spider solitaire by getting a grip on its different variations and knowing all of its rules which helps greatly in improving the odds of winning the game. The game has been popular since the 90s, and since then increasingly played by card game lovers.

The game is named after a spider because like the spider’s 8 legs, in this solitaire game players build 8 piles of cards from 2 decks of 104 cards. The game was initially developed by Microsoft where the online version was offered which is a great means to learn all the techniques about how to play and win. 

In this guide, we will learn the rules to play basic spider solitaire and its different variations, expert tips, and how it is different from typical solitaire games.

How To Play Spider Solitaire?

How To Play Spider Solitaire?

Spider solitaire is different from classic solitaire for many reasons, namely, the number of cards, the foundation piles, and the tableau columns that are made. In these games, players are given 2 decks of cards, cards from columns of the tableau are arranged in descending order, and foundations piles are, however, the difficulty level varies depending on different suits (i.e., 1 Suit. 2 Suits, and 4 Suits). 

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  1. Setting Up the Cards

The initial step begins when you start setting up the cards and deal with them accordingly. First of all, shuffle your deck of 52 cards, and make 10 columns of tableau, in each column place either 4 or 5 cards, in the first 4 columns, place 5 cards with the bottom once facing up and all others hidden, while in last 6 place 4 cards with the bottom one facing up and rest of cards hidden. 

The solitaire initial setup is the same for all variations of spider solitaire, and after this step, the player is ready to embark on making a card sequence.

  1. Build Suit Sequences 

In building suit sequences, you must make sure that you are keeping track of the colors of cards and the order of stacking those cards. In 2 suits, you must discriminate red cards and black cards, if it is spider solitaire and you are equipped with 2 decks of cards, then you must make 2 red suits and 2 black suits. The cards must be sequenced in descending order. Cards of the same color can be dragged and sequences could be made from Ace to King in descending order.

  1. Unravel the Cards from Piles

You must unravel the card which is facing down as you just can’t neglect it. If you are moving the Queen of Hearts to the column where the King of Diamond card is already placed. After dragging the card, you must flip the underneath card to further strategize your gameplay. You can’t leave a card facedown as it is easy to move your partially made sequences to space over the map for better maneuvering of cards.

  1. When You Stuck, Use Cards from Stockpile

If a player runs out of game moves and gets stuck, he takes a card from the stockpile. At once he can draw just one card but if the player uses all of the available stock cards, the game will automatically lose. Taking cards from stock makes the game more challenging.

  1. Clear Out Complete Sequences

Once you have completed a sequence, keep in mind that you have to clear it out from the map and keep the records way apart from the stockpile. In the online game version, the scoring system is closely monitored, where you make moves and lose 1 point and after the sequence, you earn 100 points. 

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General Rules to Play Spider Solitaire

General Rules to Play Spider Solitaire

The game’s objective remains the same, you have to build 8 sequences from two decks of cards and make sure that there are jokers in the deck while shuffling and learning how to play spider solitaire. The king card is your main card, which you keep till the end and don’t move unless unnecessary, the sequences are made based on descending order. 

There are different types of Spider Solitaire where in each game, rules vary slightly but the end purpose of making distinct sequences remains the same. 

The different versions of spider solitaire include:

How To Play Spider Solitaire 1 Suit? This is simple as you just have to stack cards in descending order. Use talon of cards from stockpiles if you get stuck, but using those cards makes the game extra hard, so be careful. You drag a faced-up card at the bottom, and the card underneath will face up and be ready to be used, you must make a strategy and effectively build sequences.

How To Play Spider Solitaire 2 Suits? In this, gameplay remains the same but here you must make sure that red cards and black cards are distinctly used and stacked in descending order. The spades and hearts shown on these colors must be separately sequenced, however, they can keep on space collectively to better make a strategy.

How To Play Spider Solitaire 4 Suits? In this version, not only color matters but the specific suit matters as well. You must stack cards of the same suit to win the game and make points by clearing out the sequence from the screen. 

Tips To Win Spider Solitaire

You may see that there is a pretty high rate of winning spider solitaire games almost 80% but still, you may lack many points. The possibility will not make to win the game if you don’t use the strategy and adopt expert tips which increases the chance of winning the game.

  • Never waste your moves, always make a strategy beforehand about where you will lace the dragged card. 
  • Make the most use of the Undo button if you are allowed to, in most of your games.
  • At the beginning, make empty piles so that you move cards there to maneuver the sequences.
  • Use columns that are open for your benefit.
  • Do your best to make a sequence of ascending order as early as possible.

Comparison of Spider Solitaire with Typical Solitaire

Traditional solitaire is way too different than spider solitaire in terms of end goals. However, the layout resembles many levels. In traditional solitaire, players stack cards of different colors while in spider solitaire, the player has to arrange cards in descending cards of the same color and in one version of the same suit, which makes the game much more challenging and thrilling to play.

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There are certain rules and tricks which determine how to play spider solitaire. You must see the odds of winning in different variants where the game layout remains the same but strategies may differ to some extent.

Initially, you have to set the card and unravel the card when you have moved the card, at 2 suit spider solitaire stack the cards of the same color in descending order while 4 suits spider solitaire stacks the cards of the same color and the same suit in the descending order to build sequences win the game and earn bonus points. Spider solitaire is challenging and requires a lot of patience and strategic thinking to play in comparison to typical solitaire games which are pretty simple versions.

FAQs on How to Play Spider Solitaire

Is spider solitaire offline?

Yes, the game is available free and offline, you don’t require any internet connection to play this game.

Is spider harder than solitaire?

Yes, it is quite harder than typical solitaire games. In the beginning, you may never win as the rules are strict and the wrong move may make you lose the game.

Is there a trick to spider solitaire?

You must empty the piles as soon as you can as it will allow you space to temporarily put your cards there so that You can make a strategy to stack in a sequence. 

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