Beginners Guide to Playing Star Stable Game 2023

Beginners Guide to Playing Star Stable Game 2023

Star Stable is a horse-riding game for girls and boys with various storyline quests. The 3D game offers various characters who care for their horses while enjoying the advanced features of the game. In-game messages and chatting with friends is another feature of this game. It helps the players to bond better with their friends. 

At Moorland Stables, the player is greeted by Justin Moorland at the beginning of the Star Stable. Thomas Moorland is the owner of the stable and his son is Justin Moorland. The game remains free to play for the players until they reach level 5. After this level, the player has to pay for accessing cool features and the next levels. 

Players choose an avatar and a horse to ride off into the stunning zones of the game with impressive graphics. The island is filled with various unique and cool characters. While completing different tasks, these side characters will help follow the main storyline. 

Moreover, the player needs to take care of their horse by grooming, feeding, and keeping it in the best condition. With the horse and hard work in Jorvik shillings, one can unlock new skills, earn points, and unlock features. This will also help achieve a respectable status on the island. 

Controls of Star Stable 

Star Stable can be played on PCs, Macs as well as laptops. Here are the controls of the Star Stable game — use the following keyboard keys to control the horse;

  • W is for accelerating 
  • A is for slowing down or moving backward 
  • A and D are for turning left or right 
  • X is stopping the horse 
  • Space bar can be used to jump

The horse can also be controlled by a mouse. 

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How to Play Star Stable?

Star Stable is a 3D online game published by Pixel Tales AB and released on June 8, 2012. The game is paid and it costs about $7.49 for a monthly subscription. Whereas, $69.95 for a lifetime subscription of Star Stable. 

Here is a quick guide on how to play Star Stable online. 


Open the game and register yourself by signing up for your email. Add a strong password to your account as well. 

Choosing Avatar and Horse 

After successfully loafing and singing up into the game. One needs to choose an avatar and a horse from model characters. After choosing one character, the player can change different features of their role-play character according to their choice (hair color, hairstyle, makeup, eye color, and dresses). 

Likewise, the player has to style their horse’s mane, body, and color. After finalizing your character and horse style, one can move forward by entering their nickname. Later, the character will be called by this name in the game. Therefore, choose your favorite nickname. 

Jorvik Currencies 

There are two types of currencies in the Star Stable that can be used; Jorvik Shillings and Star Coins. Star Coins are a significant currency — used to buy gear, clothes, and horses from the shops. Each shop around Jorvik has materials of varying quality and prices, one can buy different materials from there. 

Apart from that, Star Coins are also available on various websites as well. One can buy them from online websites. Additionally, every Star Rider receives 100 Star Coins as a weekly allowance. Whereas, Jorvik Shillings can be earned from performing simple tasks such as; quests, racing, and selling inventory items. 

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The cafe is the place where the character can replenish their resources, eating items and food. It depends upon the player whether he or she wants to add food items to their inventory or eat it at the cafe. 

The character can sit down at the table and eat food. Milkshakes, sodas, coffees, teas, snacks, and sandwiches are available at the cafe. These food items can also be utilized in different quests if necessary. 

Leveling up the Character and Horse 

There are various levels for horses and characters to unlock. With every level, the difficulty of the game increases with stronger abilities and new features. There is a small bar around the horse which shows its growth and rank. 

By racing frequently, the level-up nat gets followed up with an orange color. When the bar is completely filled, the horse levels up. However, completing various quests can increase the level of characters. Leveling up a character is much harder than the horse as the bar of avatars is much larger. 

Stats and Abilities 

The horse has abilities that can be enhanced by improving the stats of swiftness, agility, discipline, strength, and endurance. 

  • Swiftness determines the racing speed
  • Agility affects the ability of the horse to change directions swiftly or move promptly 
  • Discipline is responsible for making it obey commands and follow orders  
  • Strength determines how far the horse can race and how much longer jumps it can make. 
  • Endurance is the ability to withstand injuries and cope with wounds (it’s showcased next to the horse profile on the screen in a green bar)

With improved abilities, it’s easy to accomplish decent scores and finish quests rapidly. 

Racing and Quests 

Racing is necessary in this game. Not only does it boost the XP of the horse but it also levels up its abilities. There are various championships, but they could be harder as level 15 pro players participate in them. 

Use Swiftness 3 gears and clothing to boost your racing abilities and win points. However, Swiftenes 2 and 1 gear and clothes also work fine. Upgrade your abilities to win the long championships easily. 

Doing quests can yield XP, provide Jorvik shillings, and unlock locations for exploring. Explore new areas, have fun, enjoy the graphics, and improve your relationship with other characters and different locations.

Factions in Jorvik 

There are various factions on Jorvik island of Star Stable containing various characters. These Jorvik characters have different temperaments and mystical backgrounds. They also help in obtaining several lustful features. Here are some Jorvik factions you need to know;

  • Moorland Stables – owned by Thomas Moorland and his son Justin Moorland (first location that’s unlocked in the Star Stable)
  • G.E.D – Global Energy Domination exploiting the Jorvik resources 
  • Silverglade Village – the heart of Silverglade 
  • Dark Core – a mysterious organization searching for something that’s buried deep at the bottom of the island 
  • Keepers of Aideen – Druids dwelling in the mountains and forests of Jorvik island

Hope everything about the beginner guide of Star Stable has cleared all your doubts. 

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