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Engage, Educate, and Entertain: PBS Kids Games for Fun Learning

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Engage, Educate, and Entertain: PBS Kids Games for Fun Learning-Gamesbing

PBSKids.org is a staple website for kids learning new things. PBS Kids games and watching it on TV are essential for children’s educational supplements. Hence, it’s recognized as a child mentor organization, providing significant learning to young learning students. 

If you want your children to learn significant things about different things while he doesn’t get bored. PBS Kids games offer a vast library of games that build cognitive abilities and boost memory. Rather than watching non-productive videos, it’s better to make your child watch such content which will be helpful to him. 

Best PBS Kids Games to Play 

Here’s a list of top PBS Kids games to play to have some fun and learn new skills;

Nature Road Trip from Nature Cat 

Nature Road Trip from Nature Cat game teaches the kids about various national destinations, tourist spots, parks, and natural wonders in the United States. The player hangs on with a gang that is going on a journey to visit all these places. 


Moreover, it also has a fun DIY Fun Time Spinner activity and a notepad for writing the experiences along the way. The player can also write off their own destination or particular spots they wanna visit. 

Nature Sights and Sounds by Elinor Wonders Why

Nature Sights and Sounds game by Elinor Wonders Why focus on a natural oasis or natural locations like rivers, deserts, valleys, or mountains. The player can decorate the location with various elements to make it serene and beautiful. 

Bingo goes well with this decorating game as one can illustrate their inspirations or ideas on a card and then manifest them into the game. Use the PDF included as a motivation and add your opinions to it to make it wonderful. This will increase the child’s observatory and creative skills. 

Chicken Coop by Peg + Cat 

Chicken Coop by Peg + Cat helps the children to learn basic counting from 1 to 100. Learning counting is the basic thing for every student as maths is a compulsory subject. Hence, it helps the children learn to count excitingly. The children don’t get bored and learn things promptly due to audio-visual aids. 

The Cat in the Hat by Corn Maze Craze

The Cat in the Hat by Corn Maze Craze is an exciting PBS Kids game that helps them develop logical skills, problem-solving ability, and direction proficiency. The player interacts with the Cat in the Hat and learns all these abilities while cooperating with the cat. A colorful interface and simple audio guidance keep the children amused in the game. 

There are various mazes in which the player has to solve. In turn, this helps them in learning spatial awareness while sharpening their logical and direction skills. The player can also create a maze through their creative mind and Corn Maze Craze adds trampolines to test them.

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Odd Squad Puppy Quest 

Odd Squad Puppy Quest is the most celebrated game of PBS Kids games due to various awards it brought home for being the best children’s game. In 2019, Odd Sausd Puppy Quest brought three KidsScreen Awards while there were three more awards received by the organization. 

The three best rewards were; Best Kids Website, Best in Class, Best Non-Animated or Mixed Series. While playing the game, one needs to turn the puppies into humans by moving them around the rooms. The player needs logical, counting, and mouse skills to play the Puppy Quest. 

The puppies wear human clothes like suits and walk like humans. These graphics amuse the children to keep playing the game. With every level, it gets harder to play Puppy Quest due to various obstacles in the missions. 

Arthur’s Animal Home Builder 

Arthur’s Animal Home Builder is funded by ABCmouse.com while WGBH Figutal Kids features this game. In this game, Arthur is a character who helps the player in building various tiles encompassing creative designs for the home. The tiles are modeled into various vibrant designs and colors. 

Engage, Educate, and Entertain: PBS Kids Games for Fun Learning-Gamesbing

The player learns about how to make animal shelters and animal preferences for different types of shelters. Hence, the player needs to make a specific type of home for each animal containing particular tile designs. The kids learn about how to cut lines, tap nails in the planks, and paint the shelter. This helps them learn animal sciences and carpenting. 

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Not only does this help them enhance their knowledge but also develop hobbies like petting animals or making creative things like shelter homes. Customizing colors, textures, materials, accessories, and patterns helps them to make their own choices. 

Dinosaur Train Jurassic Jr. 

Dinosaur Train Jurrasic Jr. is not a dinosaur training game but it’s a mathematical game that helps the kids in learning various concepts of maths. Common Sense Media powered the Dinosaur Train Jurassic Jr. to help young people in mastering mathematical concepts in a fun way. 

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Maybe is offer characterized as a difficult subject for many students. Therefore, this game is specially made to make boring maths into a fun game, so young people won’t get bored solving maths problems. Moreover, while solving various puzzles, they will forget that it’s a maths problem and have some fun. 

Play and Learn Science

Play and Learn Science is one of the best PBS Kids Games. It offers everything one needs to know related to science including concepts about earth, life, shadows, weather, buildings, physics, and physical science principles. 

This encompasses 3D modes for learning various concepts of nature and physics. One can learn how a plane moves and lands. Further, what are the angles associated with the landing of the plane? Apart from that, various technical terms can be easily understood by the simple graphics and audio instructions of the game. 


PBS Kids games are more than just recreation; they are a practical tool for your child’s growth and development. By blending the enthusiasm of gaming with academic principles, these games empower young students to analyze, discover, and thrive. Choose PBS Kids games for a fun-filled voyage toward wisdom and creativeness.

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