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Best Free Math Games For Students in 2023

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Best Free Math Games For Students in 2023

No matter in which grade you are, Maths is a crucial subject for passing the exams. Even competitive exams all around the world have a portion of maths in them. Hence, exams urge many students to learn the equations and formulas by playing free math games. 

Even if someone has passed his academic career, the practice of maths is required to pass IQ and aptitude tests. Mathematics is a logical subject and focuses on the logical abilities of a person. Therefore, various people play free maths games to sharpen their logical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Apart from that, these games are the alternatives to workbooks and flashcards used for studying. This method of studying is effective but it can get boring over time. Hence, learning through different games could prove a better method to learn things. 

Best Free Math Games 2023 for Kids (Online) 

The best free Math games for children as well as adults are discussed below;


Math Playground (For up to Grade 6)

Students up to grade 6 can play this game. Math Playground encompasses chapter-wise guidance, amusing games, logical drills, arcade-style games, and videos explaining various techniques to solve the questions. 

Hence, students can use it as a mentor for learning formulas and different methods to solve equations. Apart from this, it could help them in doing homework and preparing for tests or exams.

PBS Kids Free Math Games (Pre-K to Grade 3)

Kids can learn maths from their favorite characters and play cool math games for free on this website. Solving basic mathematics and learning the basic rules for various mathematics operations are covered in this game. 

Math Game Time (Pre-K to Middle School)

It offers a wide range of games organized systematically for kids to play free math games on their devices. The games are organized according to the grade levels. Furthermore, it has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy for kids to use the website. 

Get the Math 

Thirteen.org operates the Get the Math app. The main purpose of this website is to make it easier for students to comprehend the concepts they learned in their classes. Additionally, it also roots algebra in the real world to make it simpler and easier. 

The website also demonstrates to the students how maths works in real life and different professional industries like music, accounting, fashion, and video games. Kids can play different games by different professions. 

Fun Brain (Pre-K to Grade 8)

Fun Brain also focuses on particular drills for students from pre-k to grade 8. The drills and quizzes are organized according to grade levels. Interactive stories, extensive demonstrations, video lectures, and notes are provided on various mathematical concepts on this site. 

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Best Free Math Games for All Students 

Mathematics has been termed a boring subject for centuries. Henceforth, teachers and students are making use of digital devices to learn about Maths while breaking the stigma that Mathematics is a subject just for intelligent students. 

Prodigy Game 

Teachers and students use the Prodigy game for assessments, quizzes, assignments, and projects. The Prodigy is available on both iOS and Android platforms. One can also download it from web platforms for free. 

The app generates real-time scores and results sheets of the drills or tests which helps students learn about their mistakes. 


CK12 contains tests, worksheets, and quizzes of varying grades and logical skills. Teachers and students both can make use of it to learn new and updated ways of doing math problems. High school students can use its BrainGenie section. 

BrainGenie and Flex Math sections feature higher mathematical problems, algebra, and advanced formulas. The CK12 app is available on Windows 8 and 10, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. 

Colorado’s PhET

Colorado PhET tools are quite famous for helping students in solving their queries regarding Maths and Science subjects. The animated illustrations can be used as lectures to understand progressive questions efficiently. 

Teachers can also use material from Colorado PhET to help their students learn efficiently about Science and Mathematics concepts. K12 students can have access to their free website. However, its app charges the users about $0.99. 

The students can learn basic concepts of calculus grapher, arithmetics, and projectile motion for free on their website. 

Best Free Math Games For Students in 2023-Gamesbing


The Photomath app has been the dream of every student struggling with Mathematics. This app lets the user take a snap of the problem they can’t solve and generate its step-by-step solution on their screen. So, it could be helpful when someone gets stuck on a question. Mathway and Socratic apps have similar features as well. 

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy is a remote tutor app where students can learn about different subjects including mathematics. It doesn’t offer free math games but provides informational lectures on various topics. 

Salman Khan is the founder of Khan Academy which provides remote tutoring to students all over the world without any cost. Salman Khan started a YouTube channel to instruct his cousin on maths. However, the views on his videos soared high which laid the foundation for the development of Khan Academy.

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Fun Free Math Games for Kids 

Monster Math

Monster Math app helps the students learn arithmetic operations while killing, saving, and battling against the enemies of the game. The kids can play Monster Math with their friends through the multiplayer or online invitation mode. This app is available on all smart devices. 

Splash Math

From kindergarten to grade 5, games are built for the students. They can learn new tricks, earn rewards, and keep an eye on their progress in learning new formulas. Splash Math is one of the best free math games. 

Moose Math 

Children ranging from 3 to 7 years old can venture on mathematical adventures. This app is developed by Khan Academy Kids especially to strengthen the basic concepts of maths among kids for free. 

Math Twister

Math Twister is a DIY game with stunning wheels and matching colors to generate a quiz for the players. The user needs to give correct answers to the question posed by the twister on the screen. It’s a fun game for kids eager to learn mathematics. 

Math Board Game Race  

Math Board Game Race can be played on any type of board game. One just needs a board and a dice to play this fun game with their friends, students, or children. Roll a dice, and ask a mathematical question to a player according to the specific number on the dice. 

What’s your favorite free math games, let us know in the comments below. 

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