Galaga Arcade Machine: Description, Specifications, Features & Game Options

Are you a millennial and love playing arcade games?  Then, the Galaga arcade machine will not be a novel gaming machine for you as this entertainment platform is equipped with all the fun settings and high-quality games.

This portable wooden machine comes with all the feasible gameplay and features providing versatile miniature arcade games that can take you on one hell of a gaming ride. You can download the version and easily recharge the battery. The artwork on the machine will have your heart for sure. 

In this article, we will look into its description, electronic and cabinet specification, dimension and size, unique features, and game options. 

Description of Galaga Arcade Machine

Looking for a perfect arcade machine? Look no further as the Galaga arcade machine is one of the most authentic and brilliant gaming machines you can have your hands on. The machine has the perfect vintage artwork resembling exactly that of decade decade-old machine.

The button configuration is easy to use, with an amazing soundtrack. The machine is on perfect thing for kids and adults alike, but if you want it to stand a bit higher, a platform could be placed beneath the machine.

In each cabinet, there is a specific arcade game that will be nostalgic because of its old-school button mesh configuration, and gaming style. The gaming quality is high as the resolution has improved over time. 

What do you think of this machine? Are you now interested enough to go down the lane again and reminisce your memories from childhood?  

Specifications of Galaga Arcade Machine

What are the specs that you must be well aware of before buying the Galaga arcade machine? You will come across the electronic and cabinet specs that will persuade you to buy this amazing arcade machine. 

Electronic Specs of the Galaga Arcade Machine

  • The new authentic power supply can be recharged with a battery. 
  • The Wiring Harness is even better than the vintage machines.
  • Remodeled CRT monitor making the gameplay much easier. 
  • The Galaga arcade machine is equipped with an authentic logic board and coin door set to play free of cost.
  • The machine contains market-grade buttons and joysticks for your immense fun.
  • There is an LED market light fixture at the back to make the gameplay colorful and thrilling.
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Cabinet Specs of the Galaga Arcade Machine

  • The cabinet theme and style are vintage.
  • The coin door is remodeled for the gameplay.
  • The control panel is modernized to stay aligned with the latest game design.
  • The cabinet graphics for the Galaga arcade machine have been renewed.
  • T-modeling edge trim of the machine is newly introduced.
  • With updated coin doors, coin door locks have been specified in this arcade machine. 

What do you think of these machine specifications? Are they worthy enough to pay a whopping amount? 

Galaga Arcade Machine Dimensions & Size

How tall the Galaga arcade machine cabinet is? This authentic-looking miniature cabinet stands at 71.5” and is of perfect height for the players to conveniently play.

The machine width is estimated around 35” giving a perfect view and the wider display enhances the gaming experience.

Galaga Arcade Machine: Description, Specifications, Features & Game Options

The machine depth is measured to be 36”, deep enough to have a clear understanding of button configuration and other playing handles.

Are you excited enough to dive again into this classical arcade machine? 

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Features of Galaga Arcade Machine

What are some amazing features supporting this arcade machine? The machine is a replica of the 90s machine which has been popular due to its gameplay. 

  • The Galaga arcade machine resembles greatly that of the 1980s original product and is officially associated with Bandai Namco Entertainment. 
  • The machine is 100% playable, and its ROM can be authentically played on a demonstrative copy of the original game.
  • The artwork is realistic and resembles greatly to that of the original arcade machine.
  • The wooden shell of the cabinet and the button configuration are top-notch and authentic. 
  • There is a dip switch setting within the cabinet machine which allows you to play these fantastic arcade games everywhere at any time.
  • The machine is durable and portable, both absolute necessities of a machine. 
  • The sound system may also lure you to this game. 
  • The machine has a 2-year warranty, so feel relaxed if minor inconveniences occur. 

The Galaga arcade machine has all these amazing features that are tempting and sound perfect. Did they make you curious to get on board with the games offered on this machine? 

Games Available at Galaga Arcade Machine

Ever wonder what are some game options that you can enjoy at the Galaga arcade machine? The machine can also be upgraded to access 400 games at the arcade machine for $249.

The list of games for this classic arcade machine is so long, but the notable ones include: 

  • Dig Dug
  • Pacman
  • Donkey Kong
  • Donkey Kong Jr
  • 1942
  • Lady Bug
  • Centipede
  • Super Cobra
  • Pinball Action
  • Galaga
  • Galaga 2
  • Jumping Jack
  • The End
  • 1943 Kai

These classic arcade games have different gameplay and all are equipped with interesting features for you to enjoy and kill time effectively. Which game is your absolute favorite? Have you decided which one you will play? 

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The classic arcade machine ‘Galaga Arcade machine’ is one of the most authentic gaming machines remodeled and reemerged with exciting features and specifications that will make you awestruck. The refurbishing of the artwork and wooden shell of the cabinet were all made perfectly aligned to the original ’90s machine. The machine is portable and rechargeable and comes with many exciting game options which you can enjoy immensely. 

Here we have detailed all the key points of this gaming machine, let us know about your reviews. What you found particularly appealing, and why? 


How does Galaga work?

The gameplay works by defeating all the aliens which will fly straight from the top and from the screen by projectile shooting. 

Where was Galaga invented?

It was developed by a Japanese developer, Shigeru Yokoyama.

How long does it take to beat Galaga? 

The average game time of Galaga is 51 minutes long, and it takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete it thoroughly. 

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