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How to Unlock Popular Games for Free on Amazon Prime Gaming?

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How to Unlock Popular Games for Free on Amazon Prime Gaming-Gamesbing

Amazon Prime Gaming stands as a beacon of gaming in this ever-evolving digital world. Prime Gaming was formerly known as Twitch Prime offering subscription services to the Amazon Prime community having advanced features, elected experiences, and gaming advantages. 

The rise of streaming on YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming apps has transformed the world of gaming. The world which was solely based on thrill and adventure has been revamped into a capital where one can earn a month’s allowance in seconds.

Companies like Nintendo, Playstations, Xbox, Microsoft, and Activision Blizzard, are striving to formulate advanced gaming devices with accessible subscription-based models, and massive consumer services. Their services mirror the Netflix and Hulu subscription privileges. 

Among such passes, Xbox Game Pass is a primary example that allows the user to access an enormous library of games at an affordable price. Likewise, Amazon has advanced perks in Twitch for their members in the feature of portable scale game services, Prime Gaming. 


How to access Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming service comes with an Amazon Prime subscription featuring in-game loot, free games for downloading, VIP functions, and premium features. To access this component, one needs to open Twitch or be conducted from your Amazon Prime account. 

A new screen will appear where one can connect their Amazon Prime Gaming to their account and use this feature without paying a dime. If someone possesses a Prime membership, they will be directed to the gaming platform after signing. 

The administrators of this app instruct the users to connect their account with Twitch TV as it works well with gaming and other subscriptions. Moreover, it also allows the users to get access to various features that are funneled through Twitch. 

Amazon Prime Gaming subscription is available at $14.99 (£299) per month or $139 (£999) for a year’s worth of free gaming. In case someone has bought the Prime Video Membership at $14.99 (£299), he can also utilize the gaming library under Amazon without paying any additional cost. 

What are the features of Amazon Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming offers various features that are beneficial in playing games and using other services under this company. One can access a free Twitch subscription and an opportunity to subscribe to a channel without paying any fees. However, if one wants to have access to unlimited approval to use various channels, the users need to pay over 5 dollars. 

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Here are some features available to gamers with Prime subscriptions;

Free PC Games 

Various games are available to users for downloading without purchasing anything. Among the games available for free are some of the best games globally including;

  • King of the Monsters 
  • Ironclad
  • Monster Prom; Hotseat Addition 
  • Table Manners 
  • The Last Blade 2
  • Samurai Shodown V Special
  • The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match
  • Shock Troopers
  • Dead Space 2
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  • The Curse of Monkey Online
  • Red Dead Online
  • Fall Guys 
  • World of Warcraft 
  • Overwatch PUBG
  • Metal Slug 3 and various others

Other Features 

The other features include;

  • Game loot regular and monthly updates 
  • Updates on FIFA 2021 content 
  • Updates on League of Legends skins, Fall Guys Costumes, Apex Legends skins 
  • New happenings in Xbox, Playstation, and PCs.
  • A Twitch crown chat badge 
  • Exclusive Twitch emotes
  • Extended Twitch VOD 
  • Access to broadcast storage
  • The Fall Guys Summer Activities Bundle 
  • Brimstone Grohk skin to be used in Paladins
  • Fatal Fury Special 
  • MetalSlug 2

Is Amazon Prime Gaming Better than Other Gaming Platforms?

If a gamer is looking for a subscription for gaming and enjoys playing games, then Amazon Prime Gaming wouldn’t do justice to the amount you are paying. Prime features are compatible when various elements of the subscription are used simultaneously. If this subscription is solely used for gaming, the other items will be for naught.  

Rather, Prime Gaming features several indie games, battle royale-style games, and MMOs. If one plays games on the PC, then he must experience the extensive library of loot and games offered to the members of AmazonPromr Gaming.  

Hence for gamers, it’s better to activate services like Xbox Game Pass which has numerous popular games under its umbrella. Apart from that, smaller games pass like Nintendo Switch Online as a one-stop shop for games. 

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For Twitch users, this membership is a blessing. They can enable multiple diverse features while paying only for a single subscription. Users who use Twitch TV, gaming, Twitch sub, and the creator will have most of this deal. The creators can save broadcasts for 60 days which are normally available for 14. This could help in maintaining their content and saving significant past broadcasts. 

Do Prime Games Expire After Some Time?

Prime Games remain in your account, however, one can’t claim games after a certain period. Hence, gamers must claim the games when they’re available for free. However, there are certain cases when games get removed completely from the platform. 

Amazon has already generated a caveat stating that any content or game on the platform can be deleted at any time. Even if someone has paid for that content, they can’t redeem them. It doesn’t happen occasionally but it does happen.

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