How to Guess the Answers Correctly in Nerdle Guessing Game?

The gaming world of word games and puzzles is quite famous among teenagers. Likewise, maths games share the equivalent significance among them. Nerdle is a math puzzle game designed similarly to New York’s Wordle which is renowned globally. 

Such games are known as mind boosters. Young and adults play such puzzles to boost their brain memory and processing speed. They play the games when they’re bored or when they want to focus on something. Puzzles help in maintaining functioning while solving maths queries and keep a person logical. 

British data scientist, Richard Mann launched this game for people who love solving math problems and learning about new equations or for people who want to appear in competitive exams. Playing Nerdle can also help them in acing their intelligence quotient (IQ test).  

What’s Nerdle?

Richard Mann launched the game after his 14-year-old daughter complained to him that there was no game specially designed for maths enthusiasts. Hence, he made the wish for his daughter true by creating an app for math nerds. 

People who love algebra and factorization which includes solving an equation while finding an imagined x value, then this game is for you. For middle school students, this game can help them practice their math skills to ace the exams. 

Is Nerdle Hard to Play?

For puzzle lovers and mind boosters enthusiasts, it’s a piece of cake. There are six attempts for the player to go to the missing blanks that fill the eight empty blanks on the screen. After attempting a guess once, the color of the tiles changes. 

Different colors indicate which numbers are correct and incorrect. This gives the player one guess on what is the right word. Hence, one must carefully observe the colors and change certain numbers to get the right answer. 

This game doesn’t provide a dictionary like Wordle. There are various Wordle solvers and its dictionary also helps in guessing the missing letters or words. There are 2315 possible solutions and 12972 guesses for each word. However, there is no dictionary available for Nerdle players. 

In Nerdle, one doesn’t arrange different letters to arrange a word like Wordle. However, one adds different numbers to form a correct sequence. Therefore, it is a bit of a tough puzzle game for children. But with practice, one can easily solve every puzzle in the first attempt. 

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What do Different Colors Mean in Nerdle?

In this game that’s a thriving alternative to Wordle and lets the user guess the answer in six attempts. Every attempt shows different colors on the screen. Each color has different meanings, their details are given below;

  • Green means that the word written on the tiles is correct
  • Purple implies that the word is correct but its position is different from the answer
  • Black suggests that the word isn’t included in the correct answer

If you’re bored of the letters game by playing Wordle for quite some time. Fret not,  Nerdle doesn’t have just words but mathematical equations to spice things up and make it a bit tougher than normal puzzles.  

How to Play Nerdle?

One can play Nerdle at the official website of or play its mini version on the website. One can also make their own game and play it with their friends and have fun. 

How to Guess the Answers Correctly in Nerdle Guessing Game-Gamesbing
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Rules of Nerdle Game 

  • There are eight tiles to be filled with letters or numbers.
  • Each tile must be filled with one of the mathematical numbers or signs including 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7? 8, 9, 0, +, –, ×, / or ÷, and  =. 
  • Every attempt in the tiles must contain a calculation that’s mathematically correct and must have an ‘ = ‘ sign in it. 
  • The number to the right of the equal must just be a number. 
  • Standard rules of mathematics apply in every guess –” Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction (DMAS) rule applies. First division and multiplication equations will be solved and later addition and subtraction equations will be solved. 
  • Order matters. For example, if the query is 5 + 15 = 20, then it means 15 + 5 = 20 is not the correct answer and will appear in purple. 
  • Lone zeros or leading zeros aren’t found in the correct answers. There are relatively rare chances of guesses with such numbers. For example, guesses like 01 + 6 = 7 or 0 + 7 + 7 = 14 are not used due to the presence of lone zeros and leading zeros. 
  • Negative numbers are not accepted as answers while solving the guesswork, however, they might be accepted as guesses. For example, -7, -8, or -7 – 8 = -15 won’t be a correct answer. 

Is Nerdle Harder than Worrdle?

Many people assume that Nerdle is harder than Wordle due to extensive guesses, mathematics involvement, and the larger magnitude order of the possible answers. However, statistics results from suggest that such claims aren’t true. 

In Wordle, characters appear frequently in 10% to 25% of the correct answers with odds of a few hard characters that appear less on the correct answer. These complicated characters are much harder to guess and waste a lot of time. Whereas, Nerdle characters appear in 50% of the answers with 25% in worst-case scenarios. 

Theoretical analysis shows that 50% is a good sign for the characters to not get repeated frequently and making it difficult for the players to guess the correct answer. 

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