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Updated Guide of Cookie Clicker Hack in Version 2023

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Updated Guide of Cookie Clicker Hack in Version 2023-Gamesbing

Who doesn’t like cookies and playing a game based on your favorite snack? Cookie Clicker is a classic game developed by LifeisXbox in 2013. This game has been popular among players of all ages and became an inspiration for many idle clicker games including Orteil’s legendary Cookie Clicker. 

With its simple game-playing mode and addictive style, it’s also known as Clicker Game God. French coder Julien Thiennot is the creator of this hypnotic clicker contest. There are various versions of this addicting game with advanced features to collect as many cookies as one wants. 

How Play Cookie Clicker Unblocked?

Playing this classic game isn’t much tough. Simple instructions to play the game, never changing graphics, and a simple user interface make it effortless to play it. Here’s how you can play this clicker contest;

  • Install the game or open an unlocked version of Cookie Clicker, Cookie Clicker 2, or more on a website and hit the play button. 
  • Click on the enormous cookie on the left side of the screen and press it to earn numerous cookies
  • Use the cookies to purchase assets and upgrades to level up your tempo. 
  • The objective is to obtain as many cookies as you can. 
  • Buying upgrades also helps in getting more baked biscuits. 
  • Build an imperium and become the king of baked biscuits. 

What are Cookie Clicker Hacks?

There are various cheat codes to play this game without lifting a finger. The cheat codes help the player in unlocking achievements without hassling with the biggest cookie on the screen. One doesn’t need to keep pressing it to unlock achievements if they follow the cheat codes. 


On different browsers, Cookie Clicker hacks are different. Hence one needs hacks that work on their browser – Firefox has different cheat codes than Google, Opera, Safari, and other compatible browsers. Different codes will be given below, don’t forget to put them to use. 

How to Enter Unblocked Cookie Clicker Hack in Edge Browser?

While playing the game in the Edge browser, press the F12 key to begin the cheat panel. After the code processes, copy and paste it where you want to use it. Make sure to put the desired number in the proper place. Press enter when it’s ready and see the magic happening infront of you. 

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What are Cookie Clicker hacks in Firefox?

There are different cheat codes for using Firefox on Mac and Windows. After copying the code one needs to put it in the text box where it has to be added and press enter to start the process. 

  • For Windows on PCs, one needs to press the Control, Shift, and K keys for the hack to begin. 
  • For Mac, one needs to press Control, Options, and K to begin the Cookie Clicker hack. 

How to Add Codes in Google Chrome Cookie Clicker?

Hacks in Google Chrome are similar to the other ones. One just needs to follow a similar process and add the following hacks;

  • For the Mac version of Chrome, press the Command, Option, and J keys. 
  • For Windows PC Chrome users, press the keys in order – Command, Shift, and J to hack the game. 

How to enter Cookie Clicker 2 Cheat Code in Internet Explorer?

Press F12 on your Internet Explorer browser and a code will appear on the screen. Copy and paste it to the relevant location and press enter to begin the hacking process. 

Updated Guide of Cookie Clicker Hack in Version 2023-Gamesbing

How to Enter Hacks in Cookie Clicker Safari Browser?

For hacking Cookie Clicker 2 on the Safari browser, one needs to press Command, Option and C. Enter the code in the designated process to initiate the hacking process of the idle clicker. 

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Other Important Unblocked Cookie Clicker Hacks

While entering codes, it’s not necessary to place the triangular brackets. Rather, place the number that you are looking for in the spot instead. If one doesn’t press enter, the hack won’t work. 

  • Game.earn (cookieount>) – earn as many cookies as one needs and they’re added to the total count 
  • Game.cookies=1000 – players can set the total number of cookies they want 
  •  Game.cookies= Game.cookies + <number> – adds the desired number of cookies to the total count in the game 
  • Game.cookiesPs= <number> – for setting your cookie per second quantity 
  • Game.Achievements [‘<achievement name>’].won= 1 – unlocking the achievements according to the player’s choice 
  • Game.Ascend (1) – ascend to a heavenly realm and change the cookies into heavenly cookies, used for recharge purposes 
  • Game.AscendTimer= <time> – changing the ascend timer 
  • Game.Win (‘<achievementme>’) – for unlocking any achievement in the game 

There are several other cheat codes but they’re not common among players. Use the hacks and enjoy your time playing classic Cookie Clicker unblocked on your PCs or smartphones. Don’t forget to enter the Cookie Clicker hack for idle gaming

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