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AARP Games Ultimate Guide: The Top 10 Games You Can’t Miss 

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AARP Games Ultimate Guide: The Top 10 Games You Can't Miss-Gamesbing

AARP Games is an online platform of games for senior people. There are various websites where kids, teenagers, and adults play games. However, often websites forget about the people of older generations. Therefore, AARP Games producers launched a website specially designed for older people. 

This initiative has made this website popular among elders particularly. It gives entertainment and a calming sensation to players. The user interface is simple according to the demand of the audience. 

The gaming platform organizes tournaments, meetings, and workshops for its players where they can discover new things about different games. Moreover, they enjoy a comfortable atmosphere while sharing their expertise. 

These games also help the players stay focused and improve their dementia. In old age, when people feel dull and drab, with a sense of loneliness. This platform offers them entertainment and an instrument to stay engaged. People of all ages can enjoy these games for free, without paying a dime for normal gaming features. 


Best AARP Games to Play 

AARP Games have various benefits for everyone. The platform has a wide range of distinct games under its umbrella. They have multiple features, multiplayer modes, and various difficulty levels.

Here’s the list of the best AARP Games to play;


Chess is a classic game, loved by emperors, generals, and strategists of all times. Chess is also known as a mind and manipulative game that involves strategizing. Various worldwide chess tournaments are also conducted. Hence, one can use this game to master their moves and practice their skills before a match.

Playing chess every day could help one in keeping their mind sharp and enhance the observing powers of a player. Apart from that, one can enhance their chess skills by playing against the computer with different difficulty levels. A total of eight levels are available in this game. One can master them one by one and become a master of pitting others. 


Crossword is a game for enhancing one’s vocabulary and learning more words every day. Apart from that, one can also enhance their spelling proficiency, memory, and focus. One can also learn about new words and trending synonyms around the globe.

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Players play Crossword on their mobiles as well as PC. Mobile Crossword helps the players to play this game anywhere and anytime. If you’re bad at spelling or in a language, the game will help you master the language and showcase your proficiency to your friends. 


Mahjong is another popular game, particularly famous among older people. They love to play Mahjong with their friends. Hence, AARP Games offers them a platform to play Mahjong with worldwide players. This game is also based on strategy, luck, and one’s skills to make a prompt decision. 

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Mahjong is a tiles game, in which the player needs to match similar tiles together to win. There are gaming dens where one can play it to win some money. However, the online Mahjong lets the player practice their skills over time. Various variants of Mahjong are available in this gaming arena including Solitaire Mahjong, Mahjong Trails, and Mahjong Quests. 


Checkers is the oldest board game which one can play with some tokens or checkers. It has simple and easy rules and older as well as younger people love to play Checkers. Moreover, this game was introduced by Romans in the ancient age. 

Later, after the Civil War, many people started playing it and once again Checkers rose to prominence. People in small communities play straightforward games to have some fun. Americans also love to play it. 

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a game invented in 1900 by residents of the United States of America. While playing the 8 Ball Pool, there are one to fifteen balls placed on a table in a pyramid shape. There is one cue ball and fifteen object balls to call a shot. 

Various players can play the game. From one to seven balls are pocketed by one player while the other player pockets nine to 15 balls. The one pockets his balls and the eighth one first then the other player will win the game. 

Board Game 

Board games are recommended for both elders as well as kids. Pieces and table tops are used in them to play the game. Chess, Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk, Settlers of Catan, Clue, Ticket to Ride, and Uno are some of the most popular board games. 

AARP Games Ultimate Guide: The Top 10 Games You Can't Miss-Gamesbing

These board games are beneficial for developing significant skills including sportsmanship, collaboration skills,  motor skills, social skills, and problem-solving skills. 

Classic Solitaire 

Classic Solitaire is available at AARP Games presenting a free Solitaire game played with a standard 52-card deck. Various other variants of solitaire are also available on the website.

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Hence, players solving Solitaire can play their favorite game here without any disruption. 

Arcade Games 

Arcade games are short, immediate, and playable ones. They are popular among youngsters who love a short rush of adrenaline while playing.  Galaga, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Asteroids, Street Fighter 2, and Frogger are some of the best arcade games known in the world. 

Apart from that, they also get faster and faster every time one plays them while giving the highest scores on this infinite pavement. Moreover, they are also recognized for having flashy lights, HD graphics, and intriguing sounds. 


Atari is a gaming console company affiliated with Nintendo, which has released various amusing games for the players. Pong, Asteroids, Space Invaders, Breakout, Missile Command, Centipede, Alien 51, Night Driver, Haunted House, Tempest, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and Mario Bros are some of the games under this corporation. 


Juegos is another gaming association that allows players to keep their minds active while playing various games. Juegos offers one of the best AARP Games and keeps the players stimulated by amusing gameplay modes, HD graphics, exhilarating sounds, and user-friendly features. 


AARP Games is recognized as a platform for diverse options of gaming with various advanced features. Hence, one can trust this source and play as many games as they want. 

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Is there an App Available for AARP Games? 

AARP Games has an app particularly designed for the demands of gamers, having all advanced features. One can install the app on their smart devices including Android And iOS ones.    

Are AARP Games Free?

AARP Games are free to play. Whereas, the members of this gaming association offer various benefits and higher levels of gaming options. 

Can anyone Join the AARP Games? 

AARP Games offers special membership for people over 50 years of age and they get membership at discounts. However, gamers below the age of 50 can also play games on this website or app. Health insurance and other saving options are only available for people over 50 and they can avail of them at any moment.

How to Join AARP Games?

To join this platform, one needs to fill out an online form and give specific information about yourself. There’s also a membership fee for availing the membership card online or physical. After paying the fee, one can access higher games with the receipt of their paid fee until their membership card arrives. 

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