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Unveiling Top#1 Casino; Westgate Las Vegas

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Unveiling Top#1 Casino; Westgate Las Vegas

Unveiling the number 1 casino and resort, Westagw Las Vegas

Just a block away from the globally renowned Las Vegas, Westgate Las Vegas Casino and Resort is located.  Las Vegas Convention Center is just adjacent to it. Hence, it’s a hub of luxury, entertainment, joy, and unmatchable gaming experience. 

The casino and resort’s peerless amenities, rich history, and premiere services allure the visitors who are on an adventurous journey in the City Of Lights. 

Formerly, it was known as Las Vegas Hilton, accompanied by titles such as World’s largest Race and Sports Book and the Top# 1 restaurant in the adventurous city including Edge Steakhouse and TripAdvisor. Moreover, it offers its guests to dine at the world-famous Benihana, Fresco Italiano founded by Rocky Aoki in 1964; a Japanese-inspired restaurant. 


Westgate Las Vegas Casino 

The Westgate Las Vegas Casino comprises 95000 Square feet of a massive gaming floor encompassing state-of-the-art slots,  classic table games, electronic games, video poker, and Westgate SuperBook. With WOW casino reward points, it offers free slot play games and comps. 

Westgate Las Vegas Casino | Gamesbing.com

Apart from that, it offers monthly giveaways and rewards. In August 2023, it proposed two programs for gamblers; August Gift Days ranging from August 1st to 31st (to earn reward points) and August Ultimate Gift Giveaway, opening from August 25 to August 27. 

Westage $30,000 Hot Nights Daily Slot Tournament

In Westage $30,000 Hot Nights Daily Slot Tournament opens in August, from 15 to 24. One can win their share of $30,000 in free slot play. Only 21-plus gambling enthusiasts can participate in this tournament and win a large sum without spending a dime. Don’t wait and participate in the August tournaments of the casino.

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$250,000 Legends Slot Tournament 

$25,000 Legends Slot Tournaments will commence on November 3 and 4. The participants will have to survive and quantify the Series $50,000 qualifying tournaments and $100,000 grand finale tournament occurring on September 1st and 2nd. 

Westgate is calling for gambling enthusiasts to win big. Hence, make no haste in participating in such amazing tournaments. Qualifying tournaments amount to $250 each, whereas, the grand finale tournament amounts to $500. 

Another way to win the rewards and qualify for the grand finale is by finishing off the top 10 qualifying gamblers. If someone participates in all four qualifying tournaments, one can receive commemorative rewards. The age restriction for the $250,000 Legends Slot Tournament is 21 years old candidates.

Hoops Central and Football Central 

Experience March Madness and professional football at Westgate Las Vegas Casino. One can watch shows and matches on a large screen, with comfortable surroundings accompanying the best accommodations. The football screen features cutting-edge enormous video screens, comfortable seating, top-notch drinks, and savory snacks. 

One can also bet on the satellite betting station and make some money. Additionally, various benefits and top recommendations are also available to guests. The Hoops Central and Football Central are the best place for relishing quality time. 

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Top 10 Games to Play at the Casino 


Blackjack is an extroverted game in which human interaction is a must. It has the best odds of winning. However, introverts can play online Blackjack games. Decision-making is another primary feature of this game. The decision of one player influences the outcome of the game for all the players. 

Further, it has the best game edge. Even when someone follows their hunches without following the basic strategy, they can lose from 1.5% to 3.5% each hand. One can practice in online casinos if they don’t know how to play Blackjack. 


Poker in Las Vegas | Gamesbing.com

Poker has the best odds after Blackjack if one wants to go for big gambling. It’s because players bet their bucks and no matter who wins the game, everyone gets their cut. Beware of the dealers as they are the holders of tells. They’re the masters of reading faces and strategizing their moves.  Hence, one must keep a poker face while playing.

Video Poker 

Video poker has the best odds as well.  After learning the proper strategy, one can play it well as it doesn’t require anything complicated. Set it a reminder that, the easier the game is, the worse will be the odds. 


Punto (player) Banco (banker) or Baccarat has the best odds and three betting options. Betting on the tie is never recommended as it has the worst odds. If one bet on the banker, a 5% commission comes on the winning. If one bet on the player, the house edge is higher by about 1.24%. But, betting on the banker has the house edge of 1.5%. 


Craps is one of the most exciting games at casino tables offering a rolling dice to play with. Most of the craps gaming tables have one of the best odds. However, sometimes these are the best odds get reversed as well and have the worst payouts. To win, the dice roll must be 2 or 3, 12 is a push, while 11 or 7 are for losses at 1.36 cutting edge. 

On the cutting edge of 1.41%, a 7 or 11 dice roll gets the win, and the bet losses at 2, 3, or 12. 

Best Casino Bets at Westgate Las Vegas 

Best casino bets offer a great amount of profits and winnings. Here are some of the best odds;

  • Video Poker (00.5% to 2%)
  • Blackjack (0.43% to 2%)
  • Baccarat (1.06% to 1.24%)
  • Craps (1.36% to 1.41%)
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em (2.20%)
  • European Roulette (2.70%)
  • Pai Gow Poker (2.84%)

Worst Casino Odds

The worst casino odds are the ones that must be avoided if one doesn’t want their money to vanish in seconds. Here are some worst odds to avoid;

  • Sic Bo – specific number bet at 29.20%
  • Casino War – tie bet at 18.65%
  • Craps – any 7 bet such as 16.67%
  • Baccarat – tie bet at 14.36%
  • Craps – 2 or 12 bets such as 13.89%

Tip: avoid worst odds games at the casino including Keno, slot machines, Wheels of Fortune, Big Six Wheel, and American Roulette if one doesn’t go back empty-handed.


Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino live as a testament to the fusion of amenities, leisure, and hospitality that characterizes the city of Las Vegas. Its opulent settlements, thrilling gaming adventures, world-class festivity, and diverse dining options make it a destination best for gamblers to play, rest and indulge in luxuries. 

Plan your visit today at the Westgate Casino and Resorts to experience the best of the best facilities. Remember to jot down your happiest moments and comment on them below. 

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