Chumba Casino: Redeem Coins, Bonuses and Tips and Tricks to Play in 2023-Gamesbing

Chumba Casino: Redeem Coins, Bonuses and Tips and Tricks to Play in 2023 

Are you addicted to playing prize-winning games? If you are, then you must have heard about the popular Chumba casino games which allow you to play on mobile phones and desktops without downloading any software. The Chumba casino model has unique software with hundreds of games to keep you entertained and gain sweeps which you can redeem and win cash prizes.

The basic tidbits about the Chumba casino model, its software, and hundreds of its free games are briefly elaborated here for you to learn. 

What Are Chumba Casino Games?

Chumba casino has hundreds of slots and table game options widely popular among social casino-style games. To access Chumba Casino, there is no preliminary requirement to download any app or software, as you just require a reliable internet connection to play. 

Chumba Casino games are preferred among players because the users do not need to risk their currencies as they can put the game currencies on stake and win gold coins and sweep coins. The gold coins can help you amp up your game and are quite entertaining while with sweeps coins, you can win more and redeem the cash prizes you win. 

Gold Coins & Sweeps Coins at Chumba Casino

Gold coins are available to each player as a standard play option, while sweeps coins are only accessible in premium play options as these coins are valued among users. Gold coins are common in-currency options that the players cannot wager while sweeps coins can be kept on stake and users can play with these to get either more sweeps coins or they can simply redeem them to win the cash prize, each sweep coin worth $1. 

Although gold coins are already available when you start the game, sweep coins are only earned by promotions, bonuses, and contests. 

You can access free sweep coins while playing Chumba Games in various ways after registering on Chumba Casino account: 

  1. Extra Free Sweep coins on buying gold coins
  2. Daily Sweep coins bonus
  3. Sweep coins giveaway contests
  4. Sharing requests through post

Steps To Play Chumba Casino

To play Chumba casino games or slots, you need to follow these steps for better understanding:

  • Browse the Chumba Casino games site.
  • Sign up and grab free gold coins for your in-game currency and sweep coins for the daily bonus. 
  • Add your phone number when the pop-up appears.
  • After that, verify your contact number by the code you have received.
  • You can decide your gameplay mode, it could be standard mode with gold coins and premium mode with sweeps coins. 
  • Look up the game that grabs your attention and enjoy your game. 

Chumba Casino Software 

The Chumba casino software interface is plain and simple, but the lobby is loaded with graphics, which is sometimes disturbing for some users as it is old, but the software gives a smooth trail to entertaining games

The games are easily accessible through an internet browser without the hustle of downloading application but if some user wants to play them on the go, they can access them on any of their mobile devices either Android or iPhone. 

How to Play Chumba Casino on iPhone?

To play Chumba Casino on iPhone devices, the player may be required to download the Chumba Lite app through the Apple App Store for which you need 13.16 MB of phone storage and iOS 12.1.

If you are playing on mobile phones, then it may prove to be difficult for you to play more than one game at a table, so it’s a possible limitation that you can avoid by switching to a desktop screen. 

How to Play Chumba Casino on Android?

On Android devices, a similar application is available on the Play Store where the resemblance is more to the desktop version with greater options, and you get access to a million gold coins just by signing up on the app. 

However, several bugs may make your game challenging as the app may freeze and multi-tabling will not be simply possible. 

Game Options at Chumba Casino

The Chumba Casino site has a number of game options and slots on the website which grab thousands of player’s attention. The different slots are there with unique titles, which the players can select of their choice and start the play.  The game’s slots come with standard slot options and jackpot slot option which has the facility of providing grand gold coins to the players on winning. 

Chumba Casino: Redeem Coins, Bonuses and Tips and Tricks to Play in 2023-Gamesbing

The Slot titles which appear in the list are,

  • Cluster Tumble 
  • TNT Tumble
  • Templar Tumble
  • Blue Wizard
  • Golden Buffalo 
  • Lone Rider
  • Stampede Fury 2 
  • Cascade Beats 
  • Burger Boss
  • The Last Empress

Out of which, The Last Empress may give the player a grand Jackpot of 1.3 billion Gold Coins, and 97.2 M if there is a Major Jackpot. 

The players can also play on casino tables and match dice and cards to increase their final coins amount in their account.

Free Coins, Bonuses & Promotions on Chumba Casino

The Chumba casino games got the hype because of its free coins which the players can easily grab by following some ways.

  • One way is to simply sign off to the account by which the new players can avail of two free sweep coins and 2 million gold coins, which the players can use to play games and wager their sweep coins to earn more.
  • Another means is by logging in, as on each log in the players get 1 sweep coins and 200k gold coins to level their games.
  • Chumba casino gives its regular users daily bonuses and sweeps coins can be vailed quite conveniently sharing mail in posts, and competitions giveaways.
  • If a player buys gold coins to upgrade his level or slots, he may also get free sweeps coins which are directly sent to the account. 

Ways to Redeem Sweeps Coins

The sweeps coins can only be redeemed once you have collected 100 sweeps coins in your account, as each coin is worth $1, you will receive $100.

However, regarding to means to cash out your sweeps coins, it is possible either through sending gift cards or putting on your bank account information to get it directly in your account. 


The Chumba Casino games are widely played among game players because of their smooth software and entertaining graphic display. The game is rather easier to play than other slot and poker games. However, this is not a staggering money-making game as only sweeps coins are worthy which are earned quite slowly. If you remain consistent and earn a hundred sweeps coins, you can redeem and get a nice payout.


Does Chumba pay real money?

No, casino games do not offer real money, however, if you make 100 sweeps coins, then you can get real money by redeeming those sweeps coins.

Is Chumba Casino international?

No, the Chumba casino is only accessible to US and Canadian citizens, but the Chumba casino developers are trying to ensure its availability globally, which may take some time. 

What is better than Chumba Casino?

A few better versions than Chumba Casino are BetOnline AG, SuperSlots, and Winport Casino, which are trustworthy and allow users to play on mobile phones. 

Are casino games real or fake?

Well, the winning of casino games is dependent on luck, and the game developer adds an option of RNG (Random Number Generator) in their games which provides random legitimate results. 

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