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Harrah’s Las Vegas Casino – A Glittering Entertainment Paradise on the Strip

by James Taylor
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Harrah's Las Vegas Casino - A glittering entertainment paradise on the strip

Harrah’s Las Vegas Casino stands tall as an embodiment of glamour and entertainment in the heart of the United States, Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a city of lights and non-stop vibrance. Likewise, the casino embodies a glitz atmosphere, luxurious commodities, modernized gaming options, and exceptional dining location. 

Since the inception of Harrah’s Las Vegas Casino, the city has been famous for its continuous entertainment landscape. Shelby Williams was one of the investors of Hannah’s. In 1997, Shelby Williams died and his wife Claudine Williams continued working in his stead. 

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 In this article, thrilling features, offers, and the history of Harrah’s Las Vegas Casino will be discussed. 

A captivating history of Harrah’s Las Vegas Casino

In 1973, Harrah’s Casino witnessed its inception. Hence, it’s a historically ripe entertainment site in the city with trustworthy services. The property changed its name in 1992. Since its inception in 1992, it has been called Holiday Casino. However, it was rebranded after a controversy initiated by Harrah’s Entertainment, currently known as Caesars Entertainment. In 1992, all this happened and Holiday Casino became Hannah’s Casino. 


Throughout the years, with multiple innovations around the world, Harrah’s didn’t seem feeble or bleak. With the passing years, they have renovated and expanded their property multiple times. Its transformation assured that Hannah’s is alive to allure the hearts of people and remain a top-notch casino offering the best to its visitors. 

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Vast gaming wonderland

Hannah’s being a word class casino and one of the best casinos in Las Vegas offers a vast gaming floor with an impressive area of games for its visitors. Moreover, the games under its umbrella suites the taste of its visitors amicably, every gambler has something that he would prefer to play there. 

The games include classic slot machines, state-of-the-art video poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, craps, and many more. The gaming arena is designed in such a way that gamblers with varying skill levels can relish the games. This floor is always buzzing with vigorous action, among friendly dealers and enthusiastic gamblers.  

Total rewards program 

Harrah’s Las Vegas Casino offers a total rewards program, Caesars Rewards. In Caesars Reward, the patron earns points while they play, dine or remain in any of the Caesars properties. This is an exclusive service of this casino. 

The points earned in Caesar Rewards can be used for various purposes as they provide a plethora of choices; like having access to exclusive benefits,  promotions, discounts, and complimentary visits. This reward system is another reason why the casino always remains packed, with visitors coming back to play. 

Luxurious Accommodations 

Besides the gaming arena, gamblers need opulent accommodations for their various needs and Harrah’s Las Vegas Casino never fails to provide them to its visitors. After a long day of exploration and vehement gaming, some gamblers need lavish suites to flaunt their wealth or standard rooms for a night stay. 

The rooms not only provide the necessary accommodations but also presents a view of the Las Vegas Strip. The hotel rooms ensure that gamblers or other visitors can indulge in the comforting luxury of Caesars and relax after a long day. 

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Extensive options for dining

After gaming vehemently, one needs a platter full of savory food to fill every palate. The extensive selection of dining options offers visitors a wide range of dishes to choose from according to one’s preferences. 

The culinary adventure offers the guests to choose from various restaurants including Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Fulton Street Food Hall, and the Oyster Bar. 


Apart from gaming and sightseeing extravaganza, various other spectacular performances are awaiting the visitors. The performance is always a captivating headlining act, no matter whether the show is comical, sentimental, or just entertaining. 

Harrah’s Las Vegas Casino holds numerous world-class shows, performances, musical shows, and concerts featuring renowned artists, musicians, singers, comedians, and actors.  

How big is Harrah’s Las Vegas Casino?

Harrah’s Vegas floor boasts over 87,000 sq feet of classic casino space, encompassing 2,542 rooms. The casino hosts one of the hottest slot machines under its umbrella, Blazing Sevens which is a popular item in casinos presently.

Apart from that, million-dollar keno and Caribbean stud poker are also part of the heart of Las Vegas, Hannah’s. 

Which slots are best to play at Harrah’s Las Vegas Casino?

Video Poker – 0.5 to 5% House edge

Video Poker is a machine in which the game is played against machines on the device rather than gamblers or players. 

Blackjack – 0.5 to 2% House edge

In Blackjack, one needs to understand the rules and strategic points, winning and losing depend upon the card the player has drawn. The game’s rules are simple and it’s a very easy game to pick. Here is how you can play Blackjack;

Getting 21 is the core of Blackjack. One needs to get cards close to 21 or 21 one’s card without busting. If the dealer has a higher score than the player, it would bring trouble. 

Craps – 0 to 5.6% House edge

In Craps, one player is betting the outcome of the two sides of the dice that are rolled by one of the fellow prayers, the “shooter.” As the bets are placed, depending on the house edge varies in the game. 

Tip: Always check out the odds and payout tables before making a bet in the game. 

Roulette – 5.26 House edge 

Roulette also has pretty good odds of winning. The ball’s roll in Roulette and it falls into a numbered slot of the wheel. The slot could be chosen by anyone; either you picked the number or a group of numbers. It can be either high or low, red or black, and odd or even. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How many stars does Harrah’s Las Vegas Casino have?

The casino’s floor occupies 90,000 sq feet of gaming space with more than 1200 slot machines, kiosks, and video poker ranging from a few pennies to $500. 

Hannah’s Vegas is a 3-star (HRS) in Las Vegas (Nevada). 

How can you win slots in Hannah’s Casino? 

Every gambling game has a statistical chance of winning or losing. One can statistically guess the odds and move further in the game. 

Slot machines usually have one of the worst odds ranging from one in 5,000 to one in 34 million chances for winning while playing the top prize with maximum coins attempting to win.  

What are the worst slots to play?

  • Slots have house edges of 2 to 15% as they are totally random, easy to play, and addictive. If one’s luck kicks in, one can win a lot of money. However, there’s no way to maintain the win rate. 
  • Wheel of Fortune has the house edge of about 11%. In Wheel of Fortune, the wheel lands on $1, $5, $10, $20, or a joker. If one bets on $1, the edge rate is 11 percent. Whereas, if one bets on a joker, the edge rate eliminates to 24%. 
  • Keno had a house edge of about 20 to 40% and is one of the worst games to play at any casino. If someone plays Keno, the odds of winning are unlikely, ever. There are 80 numbers in Keno and one wins the selected numbers of 20 if the house picks up 20. 

Enjoy your time at Harrah’s Las Vegas Casino!

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