Fortune Coin Casino Review- Slot Games, Merits & Demerits, and Customer Support-Gamesbing

Fortune Coin Casino Review- Slot Games, Merits & Demerits, and Customer Support

Wondering how to find exclusive casino-style games? Here we have tracked fortune coin casino games which are based on sweepstakes casino style, where you get virtual coins, i.e., GC or FC.

Gold coins are easily available to you when you sign up but these sweep coins can only be attained either by promotions, bonuses, or maybe purchases.

Fortune coins have moderate volatility means sometimes you can win smaller bids and get higher prices and get smaller prizes by large wins, so it varies. This casino style gam have numerous game options including slots, video games, and poker games which generate real cash prizes.

In this article, we do a thorough casino game review, its popular game options, how to redeem FC, and its potential merits and demerits.

Fortune Coin Casino Review

It is quite an entertaining and enthralling game for players who fancy casino-style games. Unlike other slot games which are full of flashy graphics, exaggerated gameplay, and confusing characters, it is relatively classic with simple gameplay does not require any license like gambling casino games, and is safe and legalized to use for players.

The players are addicted to it because of its simplicity and generous bonuses and winnings. The game is easy to play even for beginners and there are not many distractive ads and game pace is quite rapid making the game more fun and thrilling.

In this social casino game, the background music and appropriate graphics always compel the audience and are appropriate for players aged more than 21, and is limited to 49 US states and Canada, and not available all over the globe.

Players can use mobile phones to play this game and enjoy it immensely without needing to switch to a PC or computer. 

Signing Up Procedure

The signing up procedure is quite easy as you have to register if you are making an account for the first time and add your details, i.e., email address and password if you are particularly not interested in joining through your Facebook account. Accept all terms and conditions and sign up, the whole procedure takes a few minutes and then you are ready to play. 

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You will get free gold coins right after signing up and then by daily logging into the game site and using promo codes you can collect your free FC.

How To Get Gold Coins (GC) & Fortune Coins (FC) ?

There are several ways you can adopt to get free GC and FC, however, you must be well aware of the fact that only FC can be redeemed and you win cash prizes, whereas gold coins get you no monetary benefit.

  • The easiest and most quick means to get coins is by simply making an account, and once you sign up, you get daily top-ups as each login to your account. 
  • To get free FC, you can purchase gold coins. 
  • You must connect your Facebook account with the FC app so you get promos which is a brilliant source to collect FC.
  • Invite one of your friends, if your friends make an account by using your unique link, you both will get free FC.

Fortune Coin Casino on Mobile Apps

The casino game is accessible on mobile devices as the optimization is ensured by developers. Players can enjoy these games to the fullest on a smaller screen, whether it is an Android or iPhone device.

  1. iPhone

If you are looking for a an app on the Apple Store, then you need to stop your wandering, as the app is not available.

However, you can navigate straight to the browser for the options to play games that do not ask you to update it regularly, you will experience next to no crashes and no need to worry about updates. 

  1. Android

For the Android device, there is a particular app that you require to download, you can navigate to the browser and start playing right away your preferred game. 

Without the need to download any extra app, which is totally a hassle, it takes up mobile storage and notifications that pop up are such a distraction. Players get access to superb graphic styles and amazing gameplay that they won’t even miss PC or a bigger computer screen. The game site is reliable and quite prompt further improving the game experience. 

Popular Fortune Coin Casino Games

It has several game options to choose from while other social casino games are just limited to slot, but here, you can play jackpot, poker, and many other table games. Few of the most in-demand casino games are,

  1. Slots 

Most of the games here are slot-based as the funky graphics and easier gameplay are the undoing of every online social casino lover. There are captivating themes of slot games mainly gothic, fantasy, and horror, and an instruction page pops up.

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When you select your participant and before you start playing so that you are well aware of the game you are going to step onto. Some jackpots are shown on screen including, Mini, Grand, Super, and Fortune, where Mini=50 FC, while Fortune = 10500 FC.

  1. Table Games

These games include Wheel of Luck, Casino War, Video Poker, and Roulette which are popular less than slots for obvious reasons as they do not sweep coins much. Players play such table games to get either GC or FC. The gameplay is interesting and engages the audience as long as they stay on the site. 

Fortune Coin Casino Review- Slot Games, Merits & Demerits, and Customer Support-Gamesbing

Merits & Demerits 

There are always some plus points and drawbacks to games that you cannot overlook. It may be a fun choice but it may still have some loopholes which you must be well aware of before opting for this game. 


  • There is versatility in game options available to players on gaming sites.
  • The games have age restrictions so people aged 18 or at least 21 can play these casino games.
  • The games are free to play and give a huge bonus as a welcome gift.
  • You will experience no bugs and crashes while playing on the browser.
  • The game music and graphics are perfect to play.


  • Most casino games have individual apps while FC  has no app either on Android or iOS.
  • Comparatively other casino games, i.e., Chumba casino, have fewer game choices. 

Which Payment Method Is Approved?

Several payment methods are approved by FC, whereas other social casino games do not accept many payment options for either purchases or cash-out winnings.

  • The approved methods include Checks, bank transfers, PayPal, Visa transactions, MasterCard, and any bank transfers. 

How To Get Customer Support?

The FC coin sweepstakes game has been popular ever since it was developed. If any of the players at a particular concern that he wants to be resolved, he can go for several approaches, such as,

  • He can look for blog articles that give detailed elaboration on necessary procedures being done on FC and FAQs are there for this particular reason.
  • The player can directly contact FC via email.


It is an online casino-oriented game where you collect GC and FC by playing several games. You can buy gold coins which give you extra FC otherwise these coins are only available through promotions, and daily bonuses. These FC can be redeemed and are of importance while gold coins are just a means to level up your game.

This casino-style game has a few interesting options you can choose to play and is only available in fewer states of the US and Canada except Quebec And Ontario. You can contact FC directly if you face a mishap. 

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Is fortune coin real? 

No, it is coin is not a real money-making casino game, you just win fortune coins which are sweep coins that you can redeem and win cash.

How much is 1 Fortune Coin (FC) worth? 

1 FC worth $0.001.

Is fortune coin safe?

Yes, it is safer than most casino slot games, you wager but you do not lose real money, but you can win real money if you get many Sweeps coins.

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