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The best Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Casino, Restaurants, and Suites of 2023

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The best Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Casino, Restaurants, and Suites in 2023

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas has one of the best casinos and resorts in Nevada State. The luxury resort in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip has everything a gambler or visitor seeks. Various rooms and suites with pool views and the best restaurants in America serve there. 

The gaming floor has advanced slot machines, cutting-edge casino games, spacious bars, and welcoming suites. The guests never leave the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas restaurants without being amazed by the opulence there. 

What Casino Games are Best to Play at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas?

Casino games are created generally for the players to have a good time. Moreover, their sole purpose isn’t just to entertain the players but also to help them to win money. For every game that’s won, there’s a price to pay or earn.

No matter where one plays casino games, both offline and online games have a combo of fun, thrill, and payout. If someone’s interested in winning some bucks to 3-digit amount in dollars, one needs to play online casino slots, baccarat, blackjack, or other games of best winning odds. 


Here is the list of the five best casino games to play at Cosmopolitan. 


Blackjack isn’t just a game of luck but also involves strategy, skills, and brainpower. Therefore, professionals as well as beginners tend to play blackjack just after entering a casino. First-time players play blackjack due to the lowest house edge. In this game, one can turn a move into a winning streak with the right strategy.

Here are a few basic rules and certain strategies to follow in blackjack to win;

  • If the person playing has a hard hand (no ace card) while the dealer has a card of 2-6, the odds of winning this round would be equivalent to 40%. Moreover, the player should stand if the pplayer’shand value is 13-18. 
  • If the gambler has a soft hand (hanging a hand with an ace), whereas the dealer’s upcard is 4-6, the odds of winning this would be 40% as well. And if the player has a hand value of 13-18, he should double down. 
  • When the dealer’s upcard is 2-6 or 8-9, while the player has a pair of 9 with winning odds amounting to 54%. The player should split the pairs in this round. 


In roulette, the table decides who will win and every player has one in thirty-seven chances of winning a round. Developing one’s own betting system would be beneficial to the player and he would have a better chance of winning the game. This game is unpredictable, hence, strategies only work for a short while. 

There are two main types of roulette; American and European roulette. In this game, the gamblers have to bet where the ball will stop. The American roulette has a 00 slot, therefore, it increases the chances of winning as compared to European roulette. 

American roulette has 38 slots (numbers 1-36, 0 and 00) while European roulette has 37 slots on the wheel (numbers 1-36, and 0). The odds of winning in this fame depend on the bets and the rules of the game. Here are a few examples to understand roulette better;

  • Betting a single number (straight-up bet) has odds of 37 to 1 in American roulette, while the odds are 36 to 1 in European roulette. 
  • A split bet – betting on two adjacent numbers has odds of 18 to 1 in American roulette while 17.5 to 1 in European roulette. 
  • Betting on a color of the number usually a red or black bet has odds of 1.11 to 1 in American roulette while 1.06 to 1 in European roulette. 


Baccarat is the simplest, easiest, and with the best winning odds game to play at any casino. The game will always end in three ways, in the favor of the player, a tie, or the bank. One can win one in three games as the odds of the house are lower. Moreover, it’s a slow-paced game, hence, one doesn’t need to actively play the game.

Baccarat is a game played with cards and one needs to place a bet on the hand that has a point value closer to 9. This game has three hands to bet on; the Player bet to the player’s winning hand, the Banker bet to place at winning bank hand and the Tie bet to place on the winning tie hand. Usually, it’s played in VIP rooms in casinos.

The odds of every betting hand are as follows;

  • Player bet: The payout is equivalent to 1:1 while the winning odds are 49.32%
  • Banker bet: The payout is equivalent to 1:1 with a 5% commission on each winning bet. The odds of winning this game are higher up to 50.68%. 
  • Tie bet: It has more winning odds of about 9.35% with a payout of 8 to 1. 

Video Poker 

Video poker is a casino played on a device similar to slot machines but it doesn’t function like a slot machine. In video poker, the odds of the house are more, and funds are refunded in case of leaving the game midway. 

In video poker, the odds depend on certain factors including the type of poker game, players’ strategy, and the payable used in it.  It’s a game that focuses on the skill of appropriate decision-making. The winning of the players is the consequence of the decisions of the gambler to discard or hold certain cards. 

The best Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Casino, Restaurants, and Suites of 2023-Gamesbing

The most popular type of video poker in casinos is Jacks or Better. Jacks or Better has a 52-card deck and its objective is to make a five-card poker hand containing at least one Jacks or Better. The winning odds in Jacks or Better in video poker are as follows;

  • Jacks or Better – 1 in 4.9
  • Two pars – 1 in 7
  • Three of a Kind hand – 1 in 13 
  • Straight in – 1 in 89
  • Flush – 1 in 90
  • Full House – 1 in 86
  • Four of a Kind hand – 1 in 423 
  • Straight Flush – 1 in 9,000
  • Royal Flush – 1 in 40,000


Poker is a competitive game largely based on the practice of one’s skills. Various players play poker together and their skill levels affect the result. If one loses composure in bad hands in the game, it could get complicated for the player. Hence, one needs to have self-control and confidence while playing the game. 

There’s no specific house edge in it as the players play against one another. The numbers and specific hands at the table determine who will win. Here are some odds to be varied. 

Texas Hold’em is the most popular form of poker and the odds of its starting hands are as follows;

  • Pocket Ace  (1 in 221)
  • Ace King Suited (1 in 82)
  • Pocket Kings 1 in 110)
  • Ace-Queen Suited  (1 in 81)
  • Pocket Queens (1 in 121)
  • Ace-Jack Suited (1 in 75)
  • Pocket Jacks (1 in 82)
  • Ace-10 Suited (1 in 68)
  • Pocket 10s (1 in 110)

The probability of putting together specific hands after three community cards or flops is the following ;

  • Flush (1 in 118)
  • Straight (1 in 76)
  • Three of a Kind (1 in 47)
  • Two Pair (1 in 20)
  • One Pair (1 in 2.4)

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Amenities 

Comfortable suites are also available at this alluring property with unique amenities and advanced features. The five-star suites let you have the best luxurious experiences after playing the whole day in the bustling casino. After toiling the whole day, one can leisurely unwind in the comfy hotel rooms.

Moreover, The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is a hub of famous restaurants that need no introduction. Their top-tier menus made by professional chefs are savory enough to make one forget their worries. World-class flavors, authentic dining options, and prominent restaurant franchises are also available here. 

One can play games, visit the pool, leisurely stroll in the luxurious suites, and relish the best food options in the City of Lights. Visit the best casino in the Las Vegas Strip known as Cosmopolitan Las Vegas and take pleasure in spending a wonderful time. 

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