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Paradise 8 Casino Review- Top Best Games, Bonuses, Deposit & Withdrawal Methods & Customer Support

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Paradise 8 Casino Review- Top Best Games, Bonuses, Deposit & Withdrawal Methods & Customer Support-Gamesbing

Are you looking for a great gambling game? If yes then hop into Paradise 8 Casino which gives you instant play through the browser and a download option that takes you through a rollercoaster of gambling life. The classic visuals and graphics prompt the users to choose this, and a variety of games can be played either on PCs or phones.

Plenty of bonuses and promotions are available but cashbacks interest the players the most. The percentage is dependent on how deep you are into the VIP program.

In this guide, we will look over the best games available either on Android or iOS, merits, demerits, deposit and withdrawal methods, bonuses, promotions, and customer safety for a better gaming experience.

Paradise 8 Casino Review

This casino game option is widely popular among games because of its unique features and versatility in gaming options. While playing Paradise 8 casino, you don’t necessarily need to download any application, you can play this fine over any of your favorite browsers. But do remember that the free browser option does not provide you with endless options for games. You can play the games just fine over mobile phones as well regardless of Android or iOS.


The game was developed by Rival Gaming and launched in the casino market in 2006 and has still retained its hype among the hard-core casino players. A few other supporting developing technologies power this game as well and are displayed on the homepage. You can play numerous slots, poker games, and casino-themed games on it and enjoy it tremendously.

The game has been supported by multiple languages making it easier for international players to understand and the number of transaction options are viable while playing this casino game. 

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You can either mail, get on live chat, or call the developing site on the number provided to clear your queries. For depositing funds, a variety of options such as Mastercard, Neosurf, and PlaySafeCard are available along with Skrill and Visa while for withdrawal somewhat the same options are available but players are required to deposit 25 euros beforehand for the verification, although players can cash it back immediately still it remains suspicious for some. 

Popular Games at Paradise 8 Casino

The games available at Paradise 8 casino are supported by Rival Gaming and approx. there are 180 games in the browser that you can enjoy, and besides that in downloaded versions on mobile phones, you can enjoy 300 games. A few of the popular genres are listed here,

Slot Games: Undoubtedly the most popular category is slot games because of their brilliant features and attractive graphics, A few of the top choices include:

  • Diamond Temple
  • Champs Elysees
  • Jenny Nevada

Video Poker: Although there are many types of this genre, which appeals to players because of its amazing gameplay, the best ones include:

  • Joker Poker
  • Deuces Wild

Jackpot Games: The jackpot games here are for those who enjoy the classic spin and reel, but if you are a hardcore jackpot player, this genre of Paradise 8 casino is not for you. The popular choices include:

  • Money Magic
  • Major Moolah
  • Jackpot 5x Wins
  • Strike Gold

Casino Games: Such games are most hyped and enjoyable because of the Vegas theme and vibes. Top priorities include: 

  • Baccarat
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Multihand Blackjack

Exclusive Bonuses & Promotions at Paradise 8 Casino

Your bonuses are not limited to just a welcome bonus, even after using that, you can still benefit from weekly bonuses and promotions making your experience worthwhile. Many of the weekly bonuses and promotions are,

Bonuses & Promotions

  1. Cashback: If you lose 100 euros in one week, you can have the cashback of the same amount next week. The cashback percentage estimated to be is 10-30%, however, you can have more than this depending on your VIP level. 
  2. Tuesday Happy Hour: You can have this bonus if you deposit your credit at least 5 days before the Tuesday. If you deposit 20 euros then you can minimum bonus of 5 euros, but if you increase your bonus amount up to 500 euros, then your bonus will be automatically raised to 100 euros. 
  3. Bitcoins Wednesdays: You can avail of this bonus, if you deposit cash one Wednesday via bitcoin and receive it on an upcoming day in the morning (Eastern Time), and receive notification through email sent to you for authentication.

If you make 5 bitcoins of at least 20 euros on Wednesday, on Thursday morning (ET), you will receive 70 euros. But if you make 10 bitcoins of 20 euros, you will receive a staggering 200 euros as a courtesy bonus. 

  1. Loyalty Program: The loyalty program of this game comprises 4 levels: 1) Default, 2) VIP1, 3) VIP2, and 4) VIP3, where at each stage you collect comp points for your wagering and as you move ahead, you get advantages in the form of bonuses, either as weekly bonuses or birthday bonuses. 

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods 

There are several options available for transactions while playing this casino game namely, credit cards, e-wallets, bit-coin, and prepaid cards.

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Deposit Methods

The options available for depositing money in Paradise 8 casino are PlaySafe Card, Mastercard, Visa, Skrill, etc. Transactions through these means are free, but the minimum credit the player can deposit is 25 euros. 

Withdrawal Methods

The withdrawal methods suggested are via Bitcoin, Visa, Skrill, and Neosurf where the minimum and maximum amount you can withdraw is 25 euros and 500 euros, respectively. The withdrawal amounts exceeding this are available only through the VIP version.

The processing time for withdrawals takes at least 5 days, and you cannot withdraw on weekends, the service is only available on regular weekdays.

For the withdrawal your identification is necessary, so you must have your documents prepared beforehand, including your ID card, passport-sized pictures, and bank statement. 

Safety & Customer Support at Paradise 8 Casino

The Paradise 8 casino game has been the top choice because of its safe environment for regular players. The game is licensed and validated by Curacao. There are features of RNG (random number generator), and encryption code to keep the data secured. Most of all, there is transparency among the developers and players and there is a live chatbot where the players can ask their queries. 


The Paradise 8 casino is a casino-style game that lures many players to the site because of unique bonuses and chances to win life-altering daily wins. The games are available on both at website and on downloaded apps where the perks and games are in the lead.

Slots, casinos, video poker, and jackpot games are available for the fun of players. Players can avail of cashback, loyalty programs, Happy Hours Tuesdays, and Bitcoins Wednesdays as bonuses to enjoy and win lots of money. It could be withdrawn but players are required to deport 25 euros before withdrawal for authentication purposes. 

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How to play casino without losing?

You must set your wager beforehand and try to stick with that. Choose your wager amount carefully, take intervals from games to relax, and play again with renewed energy.

How do we lose in gambling?

Gambling is all about luck, no matter how expert and hardcore a gambler is he will lose at some point, it is a game of chance not of skill.

How do you keep money in a casino?

You should wager that amount which you can afford not more than that, limit your time, and don’t consume alcohol while playing to play with a clear head. 

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