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Super Mario Bros 3: Story Plot, Gameplay, Controls, Featured Characters, and Potential Powerups

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Super Mario Bros 3: Story Plot, Gameplay, Controls, Featured Characters, and Potential Powerups

Looking for a perfect adventurous game in your free time? Super Mario Bros 3 is an action-packed thrilling game that is available in the market as a console game. This game was the fourth launch in the Super Mario series and is fun-packed with unique features, easier gameplay, and engaging graphics.

The game was initially introduced in Japan in 1988, and later European countries got their hands on this adventurous game. There was a cartoon adaptation of this game as well which took the market by storm. The series was produced by DIC Entertainment in collaboration with Nintendo. The storyline revolves around Koopa & and Koopalings trying to conquer the real world and the mushroom world. 

Here we will explore its storyline, game features, gameplay, animated characters, game controls, and powerups you can utilize.

How the Storyline of Super Mario Bros 3 Is Sketched?

The storyline is quite interesting and dramatic which you will love immensely. Are you a sucker for adventures which will keep you on edge? Then this story plot may be your best shot as you have to control two characters Mario and Luigi who set off on their journey to bring peace in the real world and mushroom kingdom. 


In this, the enemy Bowser sent seven sons who bring havoc to the kingdom by stealing magic wands from kings and making them useless creatures. The heroes Mario and Luigi fight off these seven brothers, return the wands to kings, and make them human again, to ensure peace.

The Bowser also tries to kidnap Princess Toadstool into his dark land, but the hero brothers show their bravery and heroism and bring the princess back to bring peace again. The storyline is quite engaging and you will enjoy it from beginning to end.

Unique Features of Super Mario Bros 3

What you can have while playing Super Mario Bros 3? This installation is equipped with some exciting features which set it apart from other types.

  • A geographical map where you can navigate spade panels and toad houses.
  • Fantastic power-ups and bonuses that let you have superpowers.
  • New villains and bosses are introduced in each progressing level.
  • A multiplayer version of games that builds strong between you and your friends.

Are you now excited enough to get your hands on this game? The superb gameplay and mind-blowing features will never disappoint you.

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How To Play Super Mario Bros 3?

Super Mario Bros 3 is a multiplayer game, that you can play with your friend. You can take the character of Mario and your friend, Luigi, and vice versa. You have to navigate your destination in the game by following a map, where Toad houses and Spade panels are located.

You get into a fortress, fight off one of Koopalings at the airship, kill the enemy, restore the king’s original form, and bring peace back. As the level progresses, you get thrust into the fortress where a koopaling is awaiting the battle.

Super Mario Bros 3: Story Plot, Gameplay, Controls, Featured Characters, and Potential Powerups

Will the powerups help you to win more? Yes, they surely do. The common ones include Fire Flower, Hammer Suit, and Super Leaf where you can shoot fireballs, throw hammers, and fly to the sky, respectively.

Game Controls in Super Mario Bros 3

Looking for appropriate game controls within Super Mario Bros 3? There is a list of controls that you can use and move your characters the way you like. You can move your characters, make them fly, glide, shoot fireballs, throw hammers, swim, and throw objects to your foes depending on the demand of the situation.

The controls list includes:

  • Nintendo 3DS
  • NES
  • GameCube Controller
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  • Horizontal Wii Remote

Which Characters Are Featured in Super Mario Bros 3?

Who are the main characters in the Super Mario series? You must have observed by now that Mario and his twin brother Luigi. These two go on adventures together and perform heroic stunts. Mario is the main protagonist while Luigi aids him in his adventure. 

Princess Toadstool is the female leading character, toads and seven other kings are all the supporting characters playing integral roles within the gameplay.

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Powerups in Super Mario Bros 3

Looking for some boosts that will enhance your winning chances? We have a whole list of powerups that will make your character super strong and you can make your stance strong.

Starman: This power up will make Mario invincible and no enemy in the game can outrun him and kill him. Although this power up is short-lived, you can have some great advantages.

Hammer Suit: You can throw hammers at your opponents by having a hammer suit, and protect yourself against the fireballs. 

Super Leaf: Attaining this will make him raccoon Mario and he can fly off and his speed will be increased as the game progresses.

Fire Flower: By having Mario can become fire Mario which lets him throw fireballs at his opponents.

Frog Suit: Want any facilitation with swimming? The frog Mario will help you greatly with swimming but your movement will be reduced on land.

Super Mushroom: Mario can have super mushroom powerup which works in breaking brick walls. If Mario comes in contact with an enemy, then he will shrink back to a tiny form.

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Super Mario Bros 3 is one of the widely sold Super Mario version, which has some characteristics which has attracted player from all over the globe. These games have been popular for many decades and are still enjoyed immensely due to their exciting game controls. The characters are heroic and fun to control.

You will never get bored with the dramatic storylines of these game series. Although, we have detailed all the key facts. Give us your honest review and what you liked the most.


Why is Super Mario 3 so good?

The game has gained popularity due to challenging gameplay and interesting characters such as Koopalings. This has introduced a map to navigate your track ahead.

When was Super Mario Bros 3 released?

This exciting version of the Super Mario series was released in 1988 and has been played ever since.

Is there a new Mario coming out in 2023?

Yes, Super Mario RPG remake is set to be launched in the market in November 2023.

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