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Best KBH Games and How to Play Guide

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Best KBH Games and How to Play Guide

KBH Games is a gaming website offering a variety of free games without any cost or subscription. One can play as many online games without a limit on the website, without any hassle of downloading and installing different gaming apps. 

How to play KBH games, different features related to them, and frequently asked questions about various games will be discussed in this article, read more for learning about how to play different online games without paying a dime. 

What are KBH Games and its features?

Kbhgames.com is a gaming website having a vast library of over 1050 high-quality games. Strategy, horror, dress-up, makeup, running, racing, 3D, shooting, detective, puzzles, and hidden room games are available under the umbrella of this website. 

What are KBH Games and its features | Gamesbing.com

Moreover, various gaming developers and programmers make different types of games and upload them to the KBH games website. There’s also a blog section with every game describing its genre, description, how-to-play guides, and recommendations for other such games. 


The website provides easy to comprehend instructions and simple methods for playing the games which makes it easy for children to play such games. Furthermore, these games can be played by both adults as well as children as they’re featured to be stress relieving and relaxing games.

Apart from that, the games can be played on multiple windows with multiple variations including rhythm and melodic games like Music Tiles, Subway Surfer, FPF, and puzzle games. One can play them according to their mood, as they don’t require heavy playing or leveling up missions that require hours of playing to maintain ranks. 

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Best KBH games to play in 2023

Here is the list of the best KBH games to not miss in 2023.

Cookie Clicker game

Cookie Clicker is a baking game having multiple levels to play. Children above 7 to 10 years can easily play this game. Whereas, adults can sit idly and tap and all the levels will be cleared in no time. That’s why Cookie Clicker is known as an idle game as well. 

How to play the Cookie Clicker game?

  • Open the KBH games website.
  • Now do Search for Cookie Clicker in the search bar.
  • Load the game in a few seconds.
  • The instructions will be provided on the screen, follow them to actively complete the orders.
  • There will be multiple levels to complete. 
  • Keep your pace as difficulty increases with the high levels. There will be various customers and maintaining global warming due to all the burning can be hard. 
  • Use the currency earned through selling cookies to buy things in the game. 

Pokemon Run 

Pokemon is a widely played Pokemon game. Pokemon are running free due to a lack of Poke balls to catch them up. Hence, in the game, the Pokemon managers are looking for Pokemon trainers to find Pokeballs to store in the warehouse. The player had to visit various places looking for Pokeballs, hunting monsters, and collecting Pokemon. 

How to play Pokemon Run?

  • Open the Pokemon Run and visit various places to find Pokeballs. 
  • Beware of traps and monsters. 
  • Do puzzles and complete the missions to upscale. 
  • Obtaining many Pokeball gives many points to the player. 
  • Pokemon Run will become harder to play as the player level up. 

Dynamons 2

Dynamons 2 is a thrilling adventurous KBH game. This is also an entertaining replica of the Pokemon game. The player has to collect various Pokemon-type animals, train them vigorously and arrange battles of their pets with other such creatures. In the battles, the tough and strongest Pokemon gets the champion title (wins the game). 

How to play Dynamons 2?

  • In this multiplayer game, the player has to take turns in the battle to make their moves on their opponent. 
  • Characters can walk, defend, and attack by pushing the controls. 
  • Every Pokemon or pet has an energy bubble that needs to be considered while battling with the opponent. 
  • The player shouldn’t die before the enemy. 
  • Complete daily missions to earn points and take part in PVP arenas for obtaining supplementary bonuses. 
  • Interesting innovations are added to the game with every update. 


Piggyfied (FNF Roblox Piggy)

Piggyfied is a horror generic game under the umbrella of KBH Games. It’s a game similar to the mafia game, various characters will play the song on the tune. Whereas, the boyfriend will play the song out of tune on his turn. Likewise, Piggy (a character) will move the club on everyone’s turn when the characters will begin to sing.

How to play Piggyfied?

  • With new musical hits and gorgeous illustrations, the player will play the character of the boyfriend. 
  • The boyfriend has to sing the song in tune or better than the other opponents. 
  • The boyfriend will battle against the pig, both will be seeking to become a leader.
  • To become a leader, one has to collect arrows on the screen. If the boyfriend collects more arrows, he will become the leader, and vice versa. 
  • In the end, the couple will be united if the boyfriend wins. 

FNF Hypno Lullaby V2

FNF Hypno Lullaby V2 is an action game in which a couple tries to fight off a series of monsters while saving their community. Boss monsters will be there to fight off which will be hard enemies. The insidious monster can hypnotize the player (the couple). Hence, it’s very hard to kill him. 

The ring that the monster wears hypnotizes the couple and turns them to sleep. Hence, the player is advised to keep their eyes close when the rings come on the screen. 

How to play FNF Hypno Lullaby V2?

  • There are several rounds in Hypno Lullaby V2, with numerous monsters to battle off. 
  • Make use of the music tools to keep the monster at bay and mask its ability to stay alive. 
  • Follow the elements closely and kill the monsters. After the monsters die, they will disappear from the screen. 
  • Once the player gets attacked or dies at any point, the game shifts to its beginning position. 

Friday Night Funkin Corrupted Omniverse VS Ben 10

Friday Night Funkin Corrupted Omniverse VS Ben 10 is the newest game on the website. It features various Ben 10 characters that have to engage in fierce rap battles with different characters. 

The characters will do anything to win. Hence, if one does better than the other characters, the player will win. In short, the battle will be nerve-wracking as characters will do anything to perform well. 

How to play Friday Night Funkin Corrupted Omniverse VS Ben 10?

  • There will be numerous stages in which characters will convey voice blows. 
  • The opponents will use every trick at hand to win the battle.
  • To win the game, the player has to attain leadership skills. The prize for the winner will be a date with their loved ones. 
  • To defeat the opponents collect as many arrows as you can and avoid them to be knocked out by viruses. As viruses will boost their speed and recharge their energy. 

Pokemon Jump

Pokemon Jump is a game just like Subway Surfer and Temple Run. However, in this game, the character collects coins. Whereas in Pokemon Jump the character has to avoid Pokeballs while running. Mid fully jumping over the Pokeballs while running in the game is the key to success in this game.

How to play Pokemon Jump?

  • Collect a maximum number if found by avoiding Pokeballs and securing a high score. 
  • Feed on food that comes in the way, it will keep the energy up if the player and its Pokemon. Otherwise, they will starve to death. 
  • Avoid Pokeballs as colliding with them fails. The game will restart when the player hits the Pokeballs. 

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