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Best 10 Reddit Cryptocurrency 2023 and their Benefits

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Best 10 Reddit Cryptocurrency 2023 and their Benefits

Trends begin and vanish, but they have huge impacts on the market. Sometimes trends destroy the integrity of something or they leap up the significance of something. Reddit is the best place to keep up with Reddit cryptocurrency trends.

Anything related to the world of crypto, the exchange prices, crypto moons, crypto brokers, and trends of extreme greed or fear index can be easily found on this discourse social media app. Here is what you need to know about Reddit Cryptocurrency

Why is Reddit Cryptocurrency Important for Crypto Users? 

The social media app is a forum that gives access to its users to talk about anything and post their subreddits. A post has sub-sections which are termed subreddits, they have posts about a particular topic. 

For instance, the /r/Bitcoin subreddit will have posts related to Bitcoin. Whereas, /r/cryptomarket has posts related to cryptocurrency markets and what’s happening in them. The quality of posts depends upon the community. Hence, it’s referred to as a community app as the upvotes and downvotes on a post control its circulation in the app. 


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What are Reddit NFTs?

Reddit NFTs, Reddit Cryptocurrency | Gamesbing.com

Recently, Reddit has released their NFTs, known widely as CryptoSnoos NFTs. One can purchase the Reddit cryptocurrency NFTs at the platform market with Ethereum (ETH)  from the MetaMask wallet. 

One can use Reddit NFTs as avatars to be portrayed on the profiles, apart from bragging about collecting the NFTs. These profiles have various unique and remarkable statuses like “legendary” ones or limited ones including “epic and rare.”

 The social media platform has been regularly releasing NFTs in the market. They can be claimed for free as well as bought with ETH. Moreover, their selling rates are also incredible. One Reddit Avatar NFT was traded for about $243,750. This happened in October 2022, and its initial cost was $150 ETH.  

In support of the NFL Super Bowl and Fifa World Cup, Reddit cryptocurrency released various NFTs of high caliber. Presently, numerous NFTs are out there to be purchased at ranging prices. Their rates depend upon the number of NFTs released and once they’re sold out, their prices will leap up. 

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What are Moon Tokens in Reddit Cryptocurrency?

Moon tokens are the official currency of Reddit cryptocurrency. One can acquire them by simply being active on the app and particularly in the /r/cryptocurrency subreddit section. After acquiring them, one can exchange them or cash them at particular flat crypto exchanges. 

One can amass moon tokens by acquiring a lot of karma through posting quality content on Reddit. Other users can also give you the moon tokens as gifts if they want to. Hence, it’s an easy way of earning cryptos.   

10 Best Reddit Cryptocurrency Subreddits in 2023

Cryptocurrency is a vast field and has various branches. One could feel chaotic while investing time in cryptos. Hence, in this article, a list of the best cryptos will be provided which are globally popular. Not only it attracts more users, but the cryptos also have a loftier significance in the market. 

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The best Reddit cryptocurrency subreddit are;

  1. /r/Bitcoin 
/r/Bitcoin | Gamesbing.com

/r/Bitcoin is the initiator of Reddit cryptocurrency and has an enormous number of posts. From memes to current market rates and trends, everything is discussed among the Bitcoin users of this subreddit. It has elongated discussions due to the vastness of the platform. Useful threads become popular easily due to the large community. No doubt, various memes, and unimportant posts also surface in it. 

  1. /r/BTC

/r/BRC is similar to the above subreddit. The only disparity is between the quality and quantity of the content in both subreddits. This subreddit has limited members, hence, they post generally about the content that everyone seeks. Moreover, it’s easier to discuss things in it due to less traffic. 

  1. /r/cryptocurrency 

Unlike the other two subreddits, it focuses on cryptocurrency rather than just Bitcoin. Hence, one can get information about crypto exchanges to invest in, their greed and fear index, moon tokens acquisitions, and various other things are also discussed in it. 

/r/cryptocurrency has over 4.4 million members and it has a massive number of members among all subreddits. Like Bitcoin, one can find a few thousand users are always online. Hence, it’s difficult to discuss something as the comments keep flooding up.

  1. /r/NFT 

/r/NFT is a recent subreddit that is becoming extremely popular. Everything related to non-fungible tokens can be found here. If someone is looking for information about new NFT games or new NFT markets, everything can be discovered here. A discord for chatting with your peers is also at your service here.

  1. /r/bitcoinbeginners 

If one just joined cryptocurrency, one can find valuable information and guides in this subreddit. One can also post questions about the things they’re unsure about. Experienced crypto users will surely help you in discovering the best approaches to your crypto endeavors. Beware of scammers as well, as they would just troll you with misleading facts. Rest assured to double-check every single piece of information. 

  1. /r/ethereum 

Ethereum is one of the best altcoins. Its reputation succeeds with its persistence. One can find everything about Ethereum, its uses, and its perks here. 

  1. /r/binance and /r/coinbase

Coinbase Reddit and Binance Reddit communities have been amassing a large number of members worldwide. Both are famous crypto exchanges. Updates, rates, and trends related to them are available in their subreddits. 

  1.  /r/cryptocurrencymemes

Memes are everyone’s favorite. A community of over 33k members generating memes for crypto users is working to lighten the mood of the tense market. No matter whether one earns a huge profit or suffers losses, there’s always something in the memes for them. 

  1. /r/cryptomarkets

Market analysis, breakdown runs, hacks and tracks, and everything one must know about the crypto market is in this subreddit. Real-time updates and follow-ups are also available. People are discussing general trends and various other details in the discussion forum. If one wants to keep up with what’s happening in the crypto market, /r/cryptomarket is the best Reddit to follow. 

  1.  /r/shibarmy

If someone is an owner of Shiba cryptocurrencies, one must follow it. Everything related to Shiba-themed currencies $SHIB, $LEASH, and $BONE is also available. One can engage in the discourse or upvote relatable memes. 

What are your favorite crypto exchanges and best Reddit cryptocurrency choices, comment down below.

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